Wireless Transmission of 10kW Electricity to a Distance of 4 meters

We received an Anonymous Tip giving us an interesting piece of information regarding the demo of Wireless Transmission of Electricity in Japan. The Tipper gave us some insights along with some photos of the Demonstration. The information goes as follows..

Volvo Technologies in Japan has developed a way to transmit more than 10kW Electricity wirelessly to 4-6 meters using a technology that uses microwaves.

rectenna for wireless electricity transmission

An Antenna and Rectifier (Rectenna) is used to convert electromagnetic waves into direct current. Dengyo along with Volvo tehcnologies has created a Rectenna which has a conversion efficiency of 84% and can output power upto 10kW. The frequency of the microwave used for the experiment was 2.45GHz. Dengyo claims that this is the “world’s highest output power per area” at a minimum of 3.2kW/m2.

wireless electricity transmission

Volvo first plans to implement this technology for electric vehicles (EVs) and then take it forward to commercial trucks and heavy vehicles.