10 Reasons Why Nokia Asha 311 is an ideal phone for you!

Nokia recently launched the Asha 311 touchscreen phone in the Indian market and I had a chance to play with it. After spending enough time with the phone, I realized the fact that its one of the best phones available in India which comes packed with such good features.

Considering the fact that the Nokia Asha is priced just at Rs. 7139(MRP) and is available for as low as Rs. 6200 with some of the retailers, it becomes the best phone currently packed with some many features in its price-range.

Nokia Asha 311

Here are some notable features which makes it an ideal phone for a budget conscious customer!

Good Touchscreen

The Asha 311 comes with a 3″ capacitive touchscreen with the screen resolution of 240 x 400. The pixel density of approximately 155ppi ensures clear picture without any distortion!

Download unlimited Songs for FREE

This phone comes equipped with the Nokia Music, which allows more than 45 lakh songs to be downloaded for free. All the latest Bollywood songs along with international classics can be downloaded without paying a penny! As all these songs are DRM free, you can share these songs with your friends over Bluetooth and other connectivity option legally!

40 premium EA Games for FREE (Angry Birds too)

You get premium game titles like NFS Shift and more from EA for FREE with the Asha 311. Due to a partnership between Nokia and EA, these games are exclusively brought to the ASHA series of phones! You also get the Angry Birds game pre-loaded in this phone!

WhatsApp pre-loaded along with Zomato, Nimbuzz, etc

Youth today wants to stay connected with their friends on-the-go and WhatsApp is the preferred medium. Nokia has pre-loaded WhatsApp on this phone to keep you in-touch with your friends anywhere you go! Also, other most-used Apps like Nimbuzz, Zomato, etc also are preloaded.

Powerful 1GHz processor

The Asha 311 comes with a powerful 1GHz processor so that the users do not feel any lack to power. All the Apps work smoothly and you don’t have to think about your phone slowing down!

Swipe UI similar to N9

The Nokia N9 was an iconic phone with the Swipe UI which helps you shift between screens by swiping your finger on the screen of phone. The Asha 311 also comes with the Asha Smart UI which is similar to that of the N9 and helps you move between various screens with a swipe. It also features the pull-down menu to help you manage your connectivity options and other most-used Apps with just a swipe!

Scratch resistant Gorilla glass

Touchscreen phones look ugly with scratches and result in performance degradation too! The Nokia Asha 311 comes with the Corning Gorilla Glass which is scratch resistant. So, you don’t need to worry about scratches on the screen of your phone!

3G and WiFi connectivity options along with Bluetooth

Usually budget phones do not come with a lot of connectivity options. But, the Nokia Asha 311 packs in a whole lot of connectivity options including 3G connectivity, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Sleek Looks

Nokia hasn’t just packed a bunch of features in this phone, but also ensured that the phone looks sleek and smart! With just 12.9mm thickness and weight of 95grams; it is easy to handle and comfortable to use.

Social Connectivity to Twitter and Facebook via Native clients

Without Facebook and Twitter the world would seem disconnected. The Asha 311 packs in the default Apps of various Social Networks to keep users connected to their friends. You can now share your activities and updates with your friends anytime and from anywhere!

Some more Goodness

Nokia also packs in the Nokia Maps with this phone to help you find your destination with ease. All the data in the Maps which is available on high-end phones is being packed for the Asha 311 too!

It also features a 3.2 MP EDoF Camera capable of video shooting at 25fps. Not to forget, the output sound quality of the speaker is just great!

Nokia also packs a 2GB microSD card with the phone and the memory can be extended upto 32GB by the user.

Indians have always cherished Nokia as their favorite mobile brand and Nokia always does something to make us feel loved. Nokia has partnered with Airtel to make 4GB of 3G data available to Asha 311 customers for FREE to be used for 4 months!

Without-a-doubt, all these features make the Nokia Asha 311 the preferred choice within the Rs. 7000 budget!

  • http://blogverize.blogspot.com Nimsrules

    Thanks for listing out these features, I was planning to buy this handset but wanted some solid feedback.

    P.S – You could have included an affiliate link to it’s Flipkart page to boost your sales.

  • Erica Williams

    Though above mentioned features are cool but display quality is not so good as it is only 256k and if you want to see something on youtube it plays video on 240p & that’s poor.

  • http://techtalkasia.com Technology in Asia

    I think this is a great phone that offers a lot of features compared to the price. i think the price is quite reasonable even for low income earners.

  • http://www.screwsandfeathers.com Peter Whale

    I’ve always been a huge Nokia fan. It’s too bad they’re struggling so hard lately. Anyway, this little article here might just have convinced me!

  • http://www.kurtkelly.com/ Kurt Kelly

    I have this phone and its great for internet useage, I opened My website http://www.kurtkelly.com/ and It worked Perfectly, mobile is also fast.

  • http://www.techhapa.com Isac

    Despite the few challenges they having been facing lately i think Nokia is trying to catch up, the new handsets like the Asha 311 is an evidence of that. i love Nokia.

  • http://www.usapangtekno.blogspot.com Alexus Pastrana

    I really love Nokia phones because they’re user friendly and stunnnigly beautiful. I wish they could continue making this phones, and also S60 phones, not Windows. Hope they could survive! Alexus here from Philippines!

  • http://www.satpam-security.com jasa keamanan

    Even this new Nokia gadget have a lot of features it will be difficult to compete android and iphone in my country, specially with android because there is a lot of cheap android gadget.

  • http://pinoyfused.com Dangem

    The only thing i love about this cellphone is the unlimited free songs and free games. Its enough for my satisfaction. :)

  • http://handymangoldcoast.com/ Walter Steel

    I am no fan of nokia phone its because of its OS. The appearance of nokia phones and its quality are the best but talking about its OS I’d rather choose android phones.

  • http://www.beyondtime.in Beyondtime

    i just bought this phone and will have to say that it really is a nice handset. With all the traits from Nokia family, it really is a superb device for multimedia fanatics. The nice & solid build with wide range of color options available it really is a handset designed for youth.

  • http://swatzwalker.tk Abhishek


  • http://www.madrasgeek.com Srivathsan G.K

    Unlimited songs download is awesome. Any idea about the amount of sales?

  • http://thedripple.com Nikhil Phirke

    The Nokia Asha 311 is average phone, we could easily get Android smartphone at that price!