Review: Norton 360 version 6

One of the most famous products in the Antivirus industry is Norton by Symantec. Norton 360 is a product with assures overall Secure protection to your computing device along with helping it to function smoothly by adding options for PC Tuneup, Backup and Identity protection for more security!

We had a chance to review the Norton 360 version 6 and here is what we think about this Antivirus package…

Before we get any further, I would like to stress on the easy-to-use UI. The UI has been refined due to this being the sixth iteration of the Norton 360; the main dashboard shows the status of the Computer relating to 4 different aspects: Security, Identity protection, Safety of the Backup and the Tuning of the PC for uninterrupted functioning.
Norton 360 version 6
The PC Security includes all the functions to help the computer stay protected from the malwares and the viruses. It includes the Firewall, the Scanning functionality, the Norton Insights about the various running applications and the Cloud Based intelligence system to show the potential of malware being present in any program.

The Identity section includes your private data that is stored in the encrypted form to be used on Internet sites for purchases and other purposes such as filling out private data, credit card numbers, etc. You also have an option to run a small toolbar inside your browser to protect you from phishing and other malpractices possible on the Internet. The SafeWeb feature inside the browser notifies you whenever you are on a malware infected site(of if you are heading to it) or if you have a link to a malware infected site on the page you are on.

The Backup section includes all the Backup options which may be used to securely store your data and use the data in times of any security breach. You can schedule a Local or an Online backup to securely store your important files. You are given a limited space of 2GB for free, so you must use it wisely and select only those files for backup which are of utmost importance to you. You always have an option to select particular types of files for backup or to leave out specific files which backing up the data. If there are a lot of important files, then you can upgrade your back-up plan to a premium one and get 25GB of online store for $100. Of course, you have an option to restore from your backup too! Note that you will lose all the backed-up data if you do not renew your subscription.

The PC Tuneup section is the one which ensure smooth working of the PC, avoid crashes, disk failures, etc. It includes the fuctionalities of disk optimisation, diagnostic reports, disk defragmentation, temporary files cleanup and a startup manager. So, you don’t have to install any other software specifically for this purpose. It shows you a detailed report of the activities undertaken so that you can have a decent idea of what’s up with your system.
Norton 360 v6
The “Tasks” Tab on your Dashboard gives you a pretty good idea of what exactly the Norton 360 v6 is capable of and how do you use it for your security.

It is found that most viruses attack the Antivirus programs which are installed, to stop them from interfering with its activity. So, to ensure security of the Installation, Norton 360 comes with a Self Healing functionality which can take care of the installed software in case of any infections and restore it to normalcy.

We all know that Norton products have notoriously been known to hog a lot of RAM while trying to load in the Startup programs, but the new version 6 does not do so! It loads up in the Startup menu pretty fast and does not eat up a lot of RAM unlike its predecessors. This means, a faster machine without compromising the security at any point of time!

The Norton 360 v6 is priced competitively at Rs. 1650 for a single PC one-year protection and Rs. 5,950 for up to three PCs with 2-year subscription. I would give this product a 4/5 for its all round functionality not only limited to security, but also for PC tuneup!