UnBugMe Speed Secure Pro [Quick Review]

How about a Software which monitors the health of your Device from the cloud? We recently came across “UnbugMe Speed Secure Pro” which does just that! It offers Security-as-a-Service in the Form of a Complete Antivirus Suite, Firewall, Anti-Spyware and a cloud-based monitoring system.

“Unbugme SpeedSecurePro” is a complete software which provides security to your computer system be it Desktops, Servers or Notebooks. It is powered by 2 different softwares which are System mechanic and McAfee Security Software. These softwares provides different features like optimization, security while providing the necessary flexibility. McAfee being a popular software you can sit relaxed and let it do something what it is good at!
UnbugMe SpeedSecurePro
UnBugMe Speed Secure Pro had various software components including Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall protection, PC Tuneup and Repair, Connection Optimizer, Site Advisor, Data Shredder with Memory Manager and System Monitoring over the Cloud.

Retail Package and Installation
The UnBugMe SpeedSecurePro Software doesn’t come with any installation disk! You just need to manually download the software from their official website and then install it onto your system. This is seriously a big problem for those who want to install this on a computer system with no internet connection.
UnbugMe SpeedSecurePro License Card
The Retail Product includes one License card and an installation book to guide you with every installation step. There is one helpline number, which you can call up if you face any problems while installing. This Software’s installation process takes a little time as we have to create two online accounts, in order to receive the licence keys for both the softwares.

Please note that you have to install two different softwares individually and they do not come as a single custom built package.

System Mechanic

iolo System Mechanic Dashboard and Tools
System Mechanic is a well-known software by iolo which helps in system optimization on a Windows based system. It includes tools which help you to clean any registry issues, hard-drive optimization, cleaning old history and temporary files and other system errors.
System Mechanic Removing System Cluter
With this UnBugme software you will get the licensed System Mechanic software for 1 year.

McAfee Antivirus and Firewall

McAfee Security-as-a-Service
This Software comes bundled with UnBugMe Speed Secure Pro which actually comes up as an Antivirus with Firewall protection. It delivers comprehensive security and integrated management; McAfee Security SaaS leverages the power of the cloud to help organizations realize faster time-to-protection to secure their business. It helps to improve the reliability score and the safety index.
SpeedSecurePro Monitoring
The Security is managed by McAfee from the cloud by sending you regular updates for the virus definition files as well as the status of various computers where you have installed this software. This helps you to know if your computers is safe from the known viruses!

This software provides tune-up functionality as well as security features at the price of just Rs. 799 for 1 year. This seems lower that the prices offered by other security companies. Also, the features are enough to keep any Computers secure and monitoring keeps happening over the cloud(when connected to the internet) This makes it a complete solution for PC maintenance and security.

Brought by an Indian Company called PCVisor, it is expected to do well in the Antivirus market which is growing 30% year-on-year for last few years.

  • http://www.freemobilegamesdownload.org/ Ayan Gamer

    This is really interesting, monitoring your devices security from Cloud.

    Security of Laptops, Computers and Smart devices is really important issue which not every individual can cope with unless co-operates on installation of latest security tools.

  • http://meme-captain.com Chakib

    This look like a really nice software, 1 year deal is pretty darn good I must say

  • http://www.gns-store.com George@Internet security

    Such an utilities can efficiently backup, secure and restore data. They facilitate effective and safe utilization of the services on the cloud.

  • http://www.dealzfire.com/ anshu

    great review!! everything that was needed related to it! was clearly told
    just the price
    Rs. 799 for 1 year looks a bit on higher side

  • http://top3world.com/ Preetam

    Nice and helpful review as it clears everything and surely unbugme secures our machine perfectly.. but still I think 799 for year is quite too much..