How to select a good Web Host for ensuring the success of the website!

When you are planning to kick start a new online project, a website is a must! The website gives a broader reach to your project and ensures that people engaged in the project or interested people can get all the relevant details at one particular place!

The website is normally developed on a local server and once its completely ready, it is moved to an online server and made live for the entire world to notice! But, when moving to an online server, it is important to decide what specifications do we require in the Hosting server so that our website is compatible with it.
Hosting servers
Firstly, it is very important to realize the fact that not all the websites work on all the servers! Some websites require specific server configuration depending on how they are created or developed. For example: Some website need a database to be managed. So, they require a database server which can manage all the queries from the website!

The next comes the affordability factor! There is no point in investing in huge server space if you have to host a small website to host. A lot of cheap web hosting providers are available as per different requirements which can help you to manage your budget with ease.

The compatibility factor is also important, which will help you to decide which server to go for. You must know if your website will work well on a Windows powered server or a Linux powered server.

Now, the Hosting plan to be purchased is also an important decision. A large site may need a dedicated server or a VPS or even Cloud hosting. But, a small site can work very well on a shared hosting server, where various websites from different people are hosted on the same server. The shared hosting server is relatively cheaper than Dedicated, VPS or Cloud servers.

When everything is finalized and you know your requirements, its time to decide the Hosting provider. There are a lot of providers like Dreamhost, Hostgator, Yahoo hosting, etc which are well known. But, I would suggest you to do a detailed search of the background of the host before purchasing your hosting account.

Do a detailed check of the Configuration of the servers used, the number of accounts on one shared server, the bandwidth made available to each user, the downtime record, etc.

A detailed check of all the factors mentioned above will help you to decide the best Web Host according to your needs. If you have any personal favorites, do let u know in comments!

  • marketing online

    Choosing a good web hosting provider is so important for your internet business that you have to make your decision seriously. A good web host should have solid infrastructure, highest level customer support, and good reputation.

  • Oday Rawashdeh

    i agree with you and i like the hosting that support WordPress and preferred the one who have one-click installation

  • jadtechnic

    I have used a lot of hosts over the last years there is nothing like a good pay host for not only uptime and fast Costumer service and holding to the no limit promises nothing hidden.

  • Avish

    I Think Webhosting Is the most really matters when you are handling quality traffic and giving services to clients.. Thanks for sharing this.. Its been very helpful..

  • Max

    What I like to do is have my hosting paid by someone else in exchange for a link to them. There are a lot of webmasters who will gladly do it.

    PS Don’t use 1&1 if you want a good functioning website, they give very limited control over websites.

  • Invatac

    i am searching for a good web hosting service for past few days, in between i seen this article, i think this article should help me to find a good hosting service. Thanks for sharing

  • Justin

    I mainly use Godaddy, they have always been great for me.
    @Max, agreed. 1&1 is not the best way to go!

  • asim nawaz

    Thanks for this article Buddy. Since i use blogger not wordpress, So here is a little off topic question, Can i move my blogger to wordpress without loosing seo and posts?
    Hope you wont mind my question.

  • Linux VPS Hosting

    Thank you for the article! So many webhosting companies out there makes it real tough. It is a good guide for newbies.