Twitter starts showing Google Ads in its Web Interface

People always wondered about how Twitter was making money and today Twitter just showed the second stage of its revenue-generation plan!

The first stage of the monetization plan was obviously the Promoted tweets, but now it has started showing Google Ads on the Timeline as well as the other pages of some Twitter accounts!

Actually the look of the Twitter interface has started appearing weird as we aren’t used to looking at Ads by Google inside the Twitter interface. We are not sure if Twitter is actually rolling this update to everyone or is just testing it on a few accounts!

My Twitter followers weren’t able to digest the fact that this was actually happening, so they asked us to check the account through different browsers. But, we were able to see these Ads in all the Browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 9. This confirms, that it isn’t an effect of any Add-on or Plugin installed in the browser.

Also, the Ads are labelled as “Ads not by this site“. Here are some of the Screenshots from our Chief Editor @RohitSane Twitter profile:

Click on the image to see it in full resolution

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads on Interactions page

Twitter Ads on Profile page

Do you think it’s a good idea to insert Google Ads on Twitter’s Interface?

  • Mike

    I haven’t seen any ads on my twitter.

  • iPhone 5

    Oh God No, not here too. Who would even click on that?

  • Erica Williams

    Twitter is a social site used by many professionals for advertisement and promotion of their businesses so its good if google ads are placed there and as its about money twitter will definitely continue with it :)

  • William T. Co

    I don’t like it, but I guess they have to make more money about what they made somehow :/

  • Andy Winchester

    Nice Strategy although Twitter doesn’t need that !!

  • Lelala

    Wow, the managed it to get the integration done really “nice” – it doesn’t look bad, in fact it looks very nice :-)
    (And much more better than on most other AdSense sites i’ve seen so far…)

  • Roshan

    I don’t see any ads on my twitter. At least not yet. But it sure looks like so annoying. Twitter is turning into like Facebook.

  • Domainwright

    The ads aren’t obtrusive and it helps keep the Twittersphere a free place to share and connect with people; good on you Twitter

  • Erik Bartz

    I’m surprised they’d use Google and not build out their own platform.

  • markerting firm

    im also suprised that they did not try to load they own ads but it looks nice also on tweet.

  • Lakhyajyoti

    I noticed it before few days. It is good strategy taken by Twitter.

  • Cumparaturi

    they need money.. but not like facebook