A Quick Guide to Broadband plans

Whilst a lot of people know what they’re doing, some of us do struggle when it comes to sorting out our broadband. It can often be confusing when the companies baffle the humble customer with endless terminology. So, it is very important to understand what you need and what you are buying!

If you’re looking for reliable broadband deals, here are some of the factors you will need to pay attention to before spending your money and getting into a Broadband contract!

fiber optic broadband cable


Speed is important, because it will limit how fast you can use the Internet. You can have a very fast and reliable computer, but a slow connection will limit just how fast the Internet is going to appear for you.

Furthermore, make sure to find out the actual speed you’re getting. Companies may advertise “up to” certain speeds, but this is extremely likely to be dependent on where you live. Also, companies usually try to cheat the users confusing them about the KBps/MBps and Kbps/Mbps speed conventions. So, have a keen look on those.

Fibre-optics is currently providing the fastest speeds around, but these aren’t common in every neighbourhood, so do your research beforehand. getting all your doubts cleared before you opt for a fixed contract is very important to avoid future problems!

Download Limits
Everything online is data, and data is downloaded. Even if it’s stored temporarily, like cookies, it still adds up to that monthly bill. This is why a high download limit is recommended. If it goes above what you think you’re downloading, this gives you extra room to breathe.

Furthermore, once you realise how easy it is to download media, it’s quite hard to stop. With Facebook and other addictive websites keeping us online more often, it’s clear to see how these costs can shoot up. Having a high or unlimited download limit will prevent this.

The usual catch that Companies play is they say that there is a particular data Download Limit on the plan you opted for, but actually it consists of the upload too. All the data uploaded from your side is also counted among the downloaded data.

Now, these are the most important criteria you must consider. If you need any help, we are always there to solve your doubts..