Apple set to launch iPhone 5S and 4.8 Inch iPhone Math by the end of this June[Rumors]

During the time that new revelations compete with the other existent forces, the ascending manner in reference to the development of new devices just keeps escalating along the course of time. Quite often, we are treated to newer, efficient products which try to mark a stamp in the market after setting its initial task to better over the other competitors. According to the itemizations, the tidings that have made their way in the headlines include the possibility of Apple releasing iPhone 5S along with the other weirdly named handset iPhone Math.

This information is understood to be exposed from China and based on hearsays it is regarded that these handsets will be released out in the month of June. The iPhone 5S I expected to be an enhanced version of the current fifth generation model. Additionally, the bizarre name given to its other innovation iPhone Math is regarded to have 4.8-inches screen to give tough competition to the other counterparts present in the market currently.


The rumor mills have been working overtime to generate the possibility of such a dispatchment to be released by end of June. This disclosure is set to be developed in order to give competition to the set of devices available with larger screens. Thus, the devices broadcasted by Apple will lie competing with the other handsets namely the Sony Xperia Z, HTC M7 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

However no concrete information has been available whether the iPhone Math is a code-name or a translation wrongly interpreted from the current rumored entities, though it remains to be seen what exact name the handset will carry. There is also a strong possibility according to various rumors that whether the iPhone 6 will surface up as iPhone Math. This is an eye-opener in the realms of possibility as just recently we were treated to rumors based on the arrival of iPhone 6.

With respect to tidings narrated by BrightWire, it is expected that Apple is set to announce three iPhone models in the year 2013. These devices iPhone 5S and the iPhone Math respectively will feature an 8-megapixel camera. However, no information has surfaced up yet on the recital of the third model yet. There are rumors doing the rounds that this product will feature 12-megapixel camera and is expected to be launched before Christmas.

Therefore, based on the aforementioned information it looks like Apple has plenty of surprises ahead. It remains to be seen whether Apple will manifest the multiple screens, sizes as their standard feature over the course of time. Surely, these models will be dished out for the public’s view and only time will tell the naming characteristics associated with them. As of now, let the rumor mills work overtime to gather more substantial information.

  • Jared

    I think Apple will eventually just go with two sizes like they are doing with the ipad and the mini. I think they will have one super slim, essentially an iphone air and then a more standard, slightly more powerful model.

  • way to know how to transfer music from iphone to computer

    That sounds really crazy! Why produce so many versions 1 year with almost the same hardware…