Convert your HDTV into an Android smart TV

According to recent dispatchments that are surrounding the front-page news, this exemplifies the most interesting disclosure amongst the other snippets that have grazed the headlines.

The exceptional disclosure indicates the possibility of employing Android on the existing HD television set. This charismatic individuality has been presented out Archos, who through announcements have illustrated the possibility of the Archos TV connect. The hallmarks of this innovation will include the feasibility of employing Android on the TV set.

The peculiarity of the innovations lies in providing aspects, components of tablet and utilizing the TV display along with the entire setup. Also present are two hardware components with the complete package. These constituents aid in bestowing TV touch remote (providing several controls) and the other unit which has to be connected to the TV. This incorporation results in a video camera with other essential features.


Otherwise, the technical specifications are the following:

  • 1.5GHz Smart Multi Core processor
  • Internal memory- 8GB
  • microSD card slot for expansion up to 32GB
  • 1GB of RAM

Additionally it possesses Micro-USB, USB host, mini HDMI, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi to provide the connectivity attributes.


The concept behind its working includes that when the TV is connected with the device via HDMI and the broadband to TV into a tablet, the indicated instrumentation will aid the user in providing the Android experience on the huge screen.

The speciality of the TV remote helps in providing wireless control with dedicated keys for several respective functions. Added along there is keyboard component provided so that the individual can easily type utilizing the same. Besides the usual features, there is also a inclusion of several other extra elements.

The idiosyncrasies of the TV touch remote provide the necessitated zooming, swiping operations. Hence, navigation is easily operational. Conjointly, mappable gaming controls are provided. Furthermore, even gesture controls are available on the device.

As well as Skype calls can be performed through the TV because of the availability of the camera and the mic. Thus, the user can be able to stream content from home network. Because of its Google certification traits, the beneficial aspect which is provided involves that the particular individual can access Google Play and is provisioned with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

The price is estimated to be $129.99 and the product is expected to be available from February 2013.




  • prem

    How is it compared to apple tv. also can we stream it over wi-fi or mirror our smartphones?

  • crunchall

    Interesting post. I have HDTV but never think about that.

  • Tenders

    Waw!!!! REaly Nice information About HDTV into an Android smart TV . Thanks for sharing it , I love it

  • Roberto Robles

    It’s not a bad price for what it does. The problem is that I would also need to get the hdtv. Well, I guess it’s about time anyway.