Features of the new Blackberry OS 10

Research In Motion(RIM) has faced a set back in the smartphone category ever since the launch of Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. The prior leader in smartphones now has a market share of a mere 4% which is just to low as compared to Android’s 75% worldwide. If we talk about India alone RIM’s market share is a decent 15%.  With this in mind RIM is soon to launch the BB OS 10. BB OS 10 has been talked around on the Internet for quite some time. Many Rumours have been leaked about the BB 10 OS, but most of it was just Mumbo Jumbo.
RIM is ready to toughen it’s stance and get ready to face the Android giant with the launch of BB OS 10.  This new OS is a great improvement over the older versions. Many new intriguing features have been introduced to attract a wider range of consumers. Here is a list of the shining new features that have been introduced into the latest OS:  (see the gallery for pictures of each feature)

  1. Blackberry World:Every blackberry user must be familiar with Blackberry world. Earlier Blackberry World only offered apps to enhance the experience of your BB device. However keeping the latest trend in mind, Blackberry has decided to expand the horizons of Blackberry World to more than just apps. Now Blackberry World will also allow users to buy and download music, videos, books, magazines and more. This move is wise since both it’s competitors also offer similar services on their respective app market stores.
  2. Blackberry Balance: Everyone faces the problem of managing their personal and professional lives. Already our lives are so busy that we would love if our smartphone could manage that itself with minimum hassle. This is exactly what RIM tries to solve with the Blackberry Balance feature in OS 10. Blackberry balance helps you to maintain two distinct profiles between your professional and personal lives. With a simple gesture your phone automatically transforms to a predefined configuration. This helps to keep a segregation between your personal and professional data.
  3. Blackberry Browser: RIM introduces a brand new browser to enable BB users to have fine user experience. Browsers on Apple’s iOS and Android have become really fast and stable. With an aim to match u with the competition RIM introduces the brand new browser that provides HTML 5 support. Sharing webpages has only become simpler in this new Web browser which is claimed to be super smooth and fast.
  4. Time Shift: The new OS features a brand new camera app that incorporates the Time Shift technology. It is a very simple yet elegant feature that helps you to click good pictures. Often while clicking pictures on your mobile device the facial expressions aren’t good and the picture isn’t perfect. However to help you capture you’re memories with the best possible pictures, Time Shift clicks a burst shot and allows you to scroll through all the images and decide to choose the best shot. All this is done ina very seamless manner.
  5. Blackberry Keyboard: Another addition to this OS is a brand new soft keyboard. The new keyboard gives word predictions along with corrections. As you start typing words pop up on top of the respective letters thus providing you with several word predictions. Simply swipe up on the word to insert it into the text. The new keyboard also features bilingual word prediction.
  6. Blackberry Hub: This is where Blackberry shows off it’s trademark of seamless integration of social connectivity in the OS. Blackberry Hub is the main center of your OS and all your notifications,events, messages, emails and much more is displayed there. You can always view the BB Hub by simple swiping in from the left edge of the screen. Whichever application you run, the Blackberry Hub is always there residing in the background. You can access it with a single gesture.
  7.  Blackberry Remember:  It combines memos, tasks and much more into a single experience. It helps you organize and manage information you have on your smartphone around projects or ideas, letting you collect content such as websites, emails, photos, documents, and other files, and then like a To-Do list, lets you create tasks, assign due dates, and track your progress.