Fiber Optic Thunderbolt Cables to come into existence soon, inferred to be 30m in length

In the news and surfacing up through various dispatchments, the narrations have represented an arrival on active fiber optic cables. This mass production has been understood to be made by Sumitomo Electric Industries. The highlights surrounding this announcement is the length of the cables measuring up to 30 meters long. Additionally the beneficial aspect is illustrated by the cord provided. This is same as the cord that is currently present as standard Thunderbolt cables.

However, the size of the connector is a bit longer but there is very little performance degradation. Bestowing with full 10Gbps throughput, there is no performance degradation observed even after these are entangled within knots or pinched 180 degrees. This is a profitable disclosure with the current broadcastment.


The notable aspect governing these cables is the facility to put noisy Thunderbolt data storage devices. These include prominently devices like Drobo 5D in soundproofed closet. Currently these cables have been unpriced.

New optical Thunderbolt cables
With the advent of the technological development in reference to the current progressing world, it is imperative to utilize the aspect of fiber optic in a wholesome manner. Hence, these products have surfaced up dependent with the tidings reported previously through many sources in the days gone by. At this point of time, the pricing, availability hasn’t been disclosed and made known to the public’s intelligence. But, it is expected to be more costly than the current cables because of the advanced fiber technology utilized in the cables.

Upon the narration with the disclosures, the palpable differences between the new optical Thunderbolt cables and optical cables have been found and illustrated describing about the on-board power. It is understood that the devices that are connected with the new optical Thunderbolt cables will need the external power supplies to carry out their functionality. These devices may include small portable hard drives for example.

The widespread notion is that these are also compatible with copper and fiber optic cables. Thus, it acts as a perfect product for the individuals who already own a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac.  The valuable function is of the cross-compatibility provided after the cables present their arrival. Therefore it adds flexibility to the entire setup.


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