Notification on the Facebook’s Announcement on the Smartphone & Messenger App for iPad

According to current discoveries, it is understood that an iPad compatible version of Facebook Messenger for the iPhone application is slated to be released at the January 15 media event. The idiosyncrasies that it will carry include a variety of newly developed features. The notable hallmarks that are provisioned out through the released tidings include that the individual can inject emoticons, share photos, read receipts location tagging, group messaging etc., using this Messenger.


As the rumor mills work overtime prior to this event, the narrations behind this event exhibit the possibility of Facebook smartphone. This is juxtaposed to the tidings from March which presented out to the users information that Apple employees who worked on iPhone and iPad were hired by Facebook.

There is no substantial claim that the leaked information of Facebook rolling out devices is a sure thing. However, as we move closer to the event it is assumed that these recitals are true. Even though, these revelations have been presented to the public’s view, a thought-provoking approach is constantly lingering along with the current scenario. The thought of using Facebook dishing out a flavored OS out of its resources based on Android is an interesting aspect. Then, if this indicated possibility was in the realms of reality, the price will also be cheaper and affordable as compared to iOS as startup.


Additionally, it is expected that the iOS Messenger app is set to surface up this week.

Thus as we move closer to the event, the expected announcement of a Facebook phone is in the headlines based upon the accumulation of information from various hearsays. Instagram and Poke are the several other notable apps that need to be implemented on the iPad. Hence, it’s a good start with the Messenger initially.

Source: TechCrunch