Leaked Pictures and Specifications of the HTC M7 Flagship Android phone

It is always a common exhibition that several speculations are strife before the immediate release of a particular product or when we near to the launch of a product at a particular event. Thus, doing the rounds in the same way are events associated with the RIM and the HTC which seem to be gathering pace as we approach closer to the respective dates.

Therefore it is a general notion that various hearsays or small snippets result in the rumors spreading out far and resulting in the tidings trendified around various circuits in the overall market place. Thus as we inch closer to RIM’s BlackBerry 10 unveiling event on January 30 and  HTC’s February scheduled Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the recitals in the announcements with respect to their products never fails to cease. The specific sets of content is extrapolated with every passing revelation and it remains to be seen whether the devices will carry the exacting characteristics as the rumors.


Along the same lines, recent tidings exhibit the appearance of a flagship model from HTC notably calles as the HTC M7. The particularized item is understood to be from the Taiwanese camp and leaked through Unwiredview. It is suppositioned that this picture has been obtained from an animation clip which was made by manufacturer for instructing the new owners on SIM card installation.

From the various dispatchments, it is assumed that it will be powered by a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. Also, various stories present the phone’s arrival at around $600 SIM-free after it’s unveiling at the MWC event.

The idiosyncrasy that stands out in this aspect involves the narration that the handset will feature an IR sender. The point that stands out in this regard is that the particularized feature is only available on tablets and rarely on Smartphones. This specific functionality is responsible for doubling up as a universal remote control for the home entertainment purposes. Thus, it promises to be a fantastic handset as well looks to gain a mighty stranglehold of the market after it is launched. From the telecasted recitals, it is understood that the display will be 4.7-inches and Full HD.