Reported Failure of the iOS 6’s “Do Not Disturb” feature

As we surpass the New Year eve, there are continuously messages pouring in from all corners with wishes flooding in from close and dear ones. Hence, with the facility that is available on iOS 6, users have the ability to schedule a “Do Not Disturb” feature which can be implemented on the user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Therefore, generally users schedule this feature on such occasions when messages flood in. However, it has been brought to notice that this particularized feature has been found to be automatically disabled.

The notable issue was represented on Whirlpool forums as well as MacRumors forums. The functionality that is “Do Not Disturb” was a capability that was used to silence alerts, calls, and other notifications if enabled. This came into existence when the respective feature was put to use. There is a possibility that this can be activated for a specific hours also. Its utilization results in automatically disabling of calls and notifications while the particular individual sleeps.

"Do Not Disturb" feature

There were reports from certain sources explaining about the non-functioning of the particular feature. Moving behind in time, it has been observed in reference to the New Year’s Day. Previously, Apple has been confronted with issues troubling on the front that alarms not going off as assigned amongst others. However, this feature that is in the dispatchments isn’t responsible or doesn’t disable alarms that are set using the built-in Clock app.

On a lighter note, maybe I feel it is a propositioned functionality of letting the user stay up late and partying on the New Year’s Day.


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