Leaked photos of Red Xperia ZL from a launch event in South East Asia

Previously, we had posted various tidings based on the revelations of Sony’s Xperia Z and ZL handsets. Along the same lines, currently according to various boradcastments it is regarded that the Sony Xperia ZL has been spotted at an event in the South East Asia. This disclosure surfaces up after an announcement from Sony that a red color variant will be broadly presented out for the users.

The recent disclosures are dished out from an Xperia blog that unfolds these rumors displaying the red handset presented with a smoother back than the black version. However, it is understood that it has been broadly mentioned by Sony Mobile that this piece will not be released globally. This is a baffling announcement from the manufacturing giant which previously hinted at the arrival in three different colors namely black, white, and red.red-xperia-zl-spotted-

The information that is narrated from Sony hints at the arrival of the Xperia Z and Xperia ZL devices which are assumed to debut at CES 2013. Along with the released tidings, it is also understood that these will be launched in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Apart from the revelation, it was also noted that these handsets functioned beautifully for the hands on experience. From the recitals, there were instances describing that the bright screens shone amazingly when the video was played on the respective devices. Nevertheless, there is no concrete information on when will the Xperia Z be actually released out to the public.

Thus we are presented with three varieties of colors for the particular handsets. Which color would you prefer?

Source: Xperiablog.net

  • http://www.technologykraal.com Noel

    The reason why its not being released worldwie still baffles me. second, why have they chosen this late to.introduce water proofing to the markets ….beats me for real