Automee S: An automatic “Roomba-like Robot” that cleans the touchscreen devices

Slowly and steadily as technology advances in the current scenario, the incremental developments associated with the revelation of newer and better devices keeps advancing with every new development. As we are presented with a plethora of devices in the current time reference, the level of enhancement i.e. dished out to the consumers keeps bettering as we advance further in time. Currently circulating the tidings, it is a robot like accessory doing the rounds which is named as Automee S. This next gen accessory promises to be a significant addition into the lives of iPhone and iPad users.

Usually it so happens that fingerprints on the screen and other stuff spoil the outside appearance of the phone with other materials stacking up on the screen’s surface due to the constant use of the respective handset. Thus, keeping the screen surface clean, neat and tidy is the primary purpose of any user. However, cleaning this manually every now and then is a tedious task altogether. And in a advancing technology age where our lifestyle is simplified by the products that are developed for the users, surely this accessory also joins in line to provide optimum benefit to the user and improve the ease of life in any scenario.

The latest disclosure is a robot like built in technological accessory which is responsible for cleaning the Smartphone screen or tablet in an easier fashion. The peculiar aspect that is involved is the automated ability of this accessory and the entire process is performed in a matter of few minutes. This is named as Automee S, which is a small rounded accessory that presents its shape like a Roomba robot.

Auto-Mee- Roomba like robot

The Roomba like robot- Automee can last for about 3 hours as manifested with a single AA battery. It measures 67x73x38mm in dimensions and the weight is about 82 grams. The time estimated for the iPhone cleaning is 4 minutes long & double the time is consumed with respect to iPad cleaning. Additionally, the structuring involves the availability of three tires out of which two are created out of paper to exhibition out the cleaning tasks. Also, the presence of sensors aids the device from falling off the surface & thus it ensures proper cleaning.

Automee S

The intended target currently is towards the iOS device, but the particular accessory should be functional on almost all smartphones and tablets. It is available in a variety of colours & is expected to be launched in Japan for around $17.

Here’s a demo of the same: