Best Smartphone Web Browsers Compared [Android]

Web Browsing is an important function to any Smartphone. Every user wishes for a smooth web browsing experience. Gone are the days when you had to access mobile versions of websites. The smartphones have grown so powerful that they can access full blown websites just as one can do on a PC. To make the web browsing experience a treat you need to have a powerful browser that allows you to reap the power of your device efficiently. There are a variety of Web Browsers available on the Google Play Store. But often when there is the problem of plenty one is confused which browser would suit his need the best.

Here is a comparison of Web browsers available for Android devices which may help you to make a decision on your choice of web browser.

Opera Mini

Opera has been in the mobile web browsers for a very long time. They were one of the best web browsers for Java based phones. Opera has two versions of their browser for Android: Opera Mini and Opera Mobile. Opera Mini is targeted for low end Android devices with a low processing power. The unique feature of Opera Mini is that it does the website processing on it’s server thus relieving the mobile device from much processing load. This also results in a lower data network usage. However, during this process a few functionalities of the website may be sacrificed. Being only 908 kB in size it’s the smallest browser you’ll find in this list. It features a smart homepage and a speed dial to fast access your favourite websites. However it shows very poor performance on HTML5 test of a mere 62.

Opera Mini

Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is the full blown mobile web browser one would want on a powerful smartphone. Packed with features waiting to be unleashed. It is the only browser that has social media built-in with it. It supports Opera Link that allows you to sync your bookmarks with your PC’s Opera web browser. Though not the best browser out there it scored a 406 on HTML5 test. It is a 9 MB app which is still lesser than some of the other web browsers in the list.

Opera Mobile

UC Browser

UC Browser for Android provides you fast and smooth Web surfing experience. It supports multi-touch gestures to change tabs. It is one of the only browsers to support Night mode to allow you browse the Internet at night without straining your eyes to the harsh bright screen of your smartphone. The browser also has a voice control that helps in easy navigation. UC browser also features a server-side compression mechanism like Opera Mini to allow users to reduce data usage at the cost of some usability. It scored 294 on  HTML 5 test.

UC browser

Google Chrome

Google captured the PC’s with it’s famous Chrome browser and it didn’t fail to deliver on it’s Android counterpart. Google Chrome for Android is an excellent browser to give the user the full experience of a proper Web browser. Targeted at high end devices the Web browser works on devices running ICS (4.0 ) or above only. That means the majority of Android users which are still running on Gingerbread cannot use this browser. However the seamless integration with PC’s chrome allows you to sync your mobile’s browser with the PCs. When you leave the PC chrome you will find all your open tabs on your mobile device which is a unique feature of chrome. Also, it introduced the swipe to switch tabs feature. However it eats up a massive 54MB on of your space which is quite a lot but hence the restriction of having a minimum of Android 4.0 or above. It scored an 390 on HTML 5 test.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been a keen competitor of Chrome for a very long time. Both being open source projects, both have received a lot of attention from the developer community. The Android counterpart of this browser doesn’t fail to impress any Firefox fans. A decent browser that allows you to browse the internet with blazing speed and full compatibility. Firefox can be synced to your PC/Mac running the Firefox browser. The only browser other than Google Chrome that gives you Google Search prediction in your browser. It scored a 399 on HTML 5 test. The unique feature on Firefox is it’s support for Add-ons, which vastly increases the functionalities of this browser.

Mozilla Firefox


It is a decent browser built for Android, which supports a wide variety of devices. It supports Add-ons that vastly increase the scope of the browser. Dolphin browser also supports Gestures and Voice commands called as Sonar. It has a neat and sophisticated UI which enhances the experience for the user. It is one of the few browsers that allows you to choose whether you want to quit the app or simply minimize it. It scored a 311 on HTML 5 test.

Dolphin Web browser

Now lets compare all Web browsers:

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  • Atul Kumar Pandey

    I like the Opera Mini first and Opera Mobile second. Opera Mini is for normal usages when we do not need to perform a video streaming and all things and Opera Mobile for doing such all. Thanks for comparing them…

  • Hypotheekrenteaftrek

    I prefer chrome overall though as it renders normal sites the best for the smaller resolution. However the stock browser on my Galaxy S3 is way faster. Nice overview!

  • Marc

    Use only opera, and I do not think that other browsers will exceed its functionality