[Quick Review] WeChat App for Smartphones

Slowly and steadily as competitors begin to surface up in the market, the attempt to win over competitive line of forces aggrandizes with every passing disclosure. During the time that Smartphones act as existent replacements over the desktop computers, the functionalities provided by these devices intensify with the associated developments at a rapid pace. Thus, in the act of such an exhibition, the amount of apps that are developed increment quickly. As a result of such applications, text messaging becomes an impasse and the applications strike force ahead of other various forms.

As things go, the plethora of applications available for chat, audio/video seems no ending as there are a variety of apps dished out implementing miscellaneous features in the own way. In this manner, shifting from an existing favourite app to try out something new is a difficult task for the people who are well attached with their particular social Messaging applications. Along these lines, WeChat a free mobile voice, video and text messaging application assists in bridging the gap bestowing an integrated solution to the user for all his/her social interactions. This can be in relation with the Media Sharing, Video Calls, Texting, Voice Messaging etc. The advantageous aspect is exhibited by the fact that it is a robust and fast performing application.



Let’s present our attention at this application developed by Tencent Technology which aids the user in connecting with other people functional on various platforms. WeChat a text chat & voice chat app is available for Android, Windows, iPhone, iOS, Symbian and other platforms. The app is available for free and is devoid of any advertisements. The app facilitates free voice, video & text messaging on a clear interface with also the added benefit of multiple language support. The users of this app are allowed to add other people with the help of a unique QQ ID or by simply adding from the contacts by sending invite/connect.

Features of the WeChat application:

  1. Shake: The particular user is allowed to exchange ‘contact information exchange’ only with the nearby WeChat users by facilitating this aspect. It also helps the user in connecting to other WeChat users worldwide who also want to make new friends. This is based on the “Shake” of the phone at a particular instant juxtaposing it with the other users who are shaking their device at the same time.
  2. Look Around: Another added benefit of this app, this involves a provisioning provided for the users to connect with the nearby users who are also looking around. A very interesting feature as it helps making new friends and connecting through them using Wechat.
  3. The traditional features like broadcast (one-to-many) messaging, photo/video sharing, location sharing, and contact information exchange, Video/Voice Calling, Text messaging etc., as present in the usual applications. Additionally, hold-to-talk voice messaging feature is provided for the users. Thus, it provides multimedia communication flexibility.
  4. Games: WeChat provisions out certain games for its users. These can be game played on the handset with other friend. Currently, rock paper scissor is the game which is available and it is understood that more are being planned ahead.

In comparison with Whatsapp, WeChat offers excellent benefit on additional fronts than the customary ones. The user can use WeChat’s Walkie-Talkie Feature. This facilitation is represented by the “Tap to Talk” button. When the individual presses this button, other user can easily communicate with the other person. If the audio in the specific chat was unclear during that conversation, a facility is provided that the user can delete the particular chat. Secondly, utilizing WeChat, a user is allowed to Backup his address-book on to QQ ID Website.

Therefore, to sum up the WeChat review, presented below are the advantages and disadvantages of the particular application:


  • Easy installation & fast in performance
  • ‘Hold-to-talk’ Audio Messaging a nice feature
  • Awesome Video Call
  • Wide range of emoticons and emoji
  • Privacy and enhanced security features


  • iPhone like UI
  • Occasionally instances of notifications in Chinese
  • No proper delivery notifications & read reports
  • Large size of the app on budget Smartphones can cause lag