Review: Logitech Mini Boombox portable wireless speaker

As technological advancements heavily ascend by leaps and bounds, the ease of use facilitated by various devices continues to gather pace in the current set of various devices. Along these lines that we move forward replacing technology with better gadgets, the features that can be exhibitioned on a particular device continue to amaze with every passing revelation.

Usually it’s an irritating position to hear music from Smartphone speakers or mobile phone speakers in a confined room when the others also want to listen to the same songs at a particular instance of time. The other times such situations can arise in dance practice, small picnics etc., or any other situation. Therefore at this point of time, having a speaker that facilitates the aspect of portable speakers is an advantageous aspect. It’s a tedious task to carry the huge speakers’ every now and then in situations when the entire crowd set wants to hear songs and in such cases having a small device capable of producing loud crazy sounds is a euphoric phenomenon.

Boombox from its peculiar naming itself sounds loud. Logitech has done a brilliant job to cultivate the portable stance with respect to its product. This notable device is a small diminutive speaker which uses the Smartphone’s or phone’s Bluetooth connection to manifest the functioning as a rechargeable wireless speaker.

Logitech Mini Boombox


The Logitech Mini Boombox is a miniature of its bigger model, and possesses a rectangular curved design. Finely durable and embedded with different sections it provides superior functionality in instances of drops, clumps or bumps. This is due to the exhibition of rubber feet on the bottom which aid the user in such circumstances. The aforementioned aspect is very useful in keeping the device sturdy on the dashboard of a car, or on the guitar or atop of a grand piano. The small size & the compactness factors are the judicious aspects & thus it ideal to carry this device as easily as in a carry-on bag. The entire product is made from plastic & so is light in weight because it weighs just around 225g.

Available in red, black and white finishes, the Boombox is a portable Bluetooth speaker having smooth edges that facilitate easy comfort in hand.


Controls and Connectivity:

Coupling the Logitech Mini Boombox to other devices via Bluetooth is like child’s play. We connected the mini Boombox to an iPod Touch, and then with a Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500. The process was easily facilitated for intertwining the respective devices with the mini Boombox. This is done in an easy manner- Switch the mini Boombox on, press on the Bluetooth touch key for 5-7 seconds and later it flashes in alternative colors of red and blue. The Bluetooth on your respective device should be switched on and after the detection; both the devices should be paired. Additionally, it can also be connected in a wired fashion by efficiently connecting it with a 3.5mm jack at the back of the Boombox.

After the Mini Boombox is turned on, on the top surface of the device six red icons appear which are responsible for indicating the touch sensitive buttons that are provisioned out for the user to start, pause and skip between tracks. Also, there is facility provided for changing the volume & the connection to a Bluetooth device. There is a presence of another notable dual exhibition functionality is also resident on the device. This is basically a dual feature provided of the Bluetooth-and-Call key. The device’s rear includes an on/off switch and a miniUSB charging port. If the device left unattended and not used for an hour or more, then the Mini Boombox will be automatically switched off.

Performance and Sound Quality:

In appearance, it looks as a small diminutive figure incapable of producing the loud bursting sound. However, the Mini Boombox is a crazy device in a small package & it also serves the purpose advantageously in sounding awesome. But, if held in hand at slightly more than moderate volumes, you can feel the drivers vibrating during such instances. This was perceived when we tried playing rock music on it. This was functional in moderate to high volumes. A decent performance was observed at moderate sound levels, with the signature notes detected to be on the higher treble side which potentially pinpoint at a raw sound down the line. The bass does a fantastic aspect with minor glitches of cracks witnessed due to the distortion levels ascending as we move ahead over 50 percent volume. The outrageous happening was displayable by the fact that the Boombox was physically moving backward-forwards on a flat wooden surface. This was only spotted in cases where the volume exceeded 75 percent and above. Therefore, here the rubber strips will aid the device during falls but a larger contact area should be provided for the still feasibility and motionless aspect purposes. Also, fuzzy bass was heard during the time genres like Heavy metal, Thrash metal, Progressive metal were tried on the device. It starts to take a horrendously worse ugly turn when you play the sound source and the Mini Boombox at the maximum functional level.

The functionality was amazing while listening to the songs at reasonable volumes. The tiny constructed set of having speakers in close dimensions together results in the loud sound output kind of perceived mono to the ear. This is because due to the close proximity of the speakers, stereo separation cannot be substantiated. However, the sound quality was good at low and medium volumes with clear sound observed even if the music was loud. The beneficial perspective is that the device can also be used as a speakerphone as the call is amplified to exceptionally larger levels providing optimum benefit for a larger set of people to listen in. Additionally, the device can be used as a hands-free kit with your phone with the small microphone aiding the user in picking the speech.

Battery Life:

Logitech points out that the device can get up to 10 hours of audio playback on a single charge. A notable numerical value, however this specific functionality is heavily dependent on type of music the user listens to. It is an obviously notable citation that more battery life will be sucked out when blasting at maximum volume non-stop than playing music at moderate levels. The battery was found to be around 7-8 hours depending in cases of moderate volumes. It is understandable that this value will trickle down to 4 hours if the device is kept at max volumes. Thus, it has to be noted that this battery life will exist depending upon the use of the device. The charging can be done via a USB cable.

Hence as we proceed to a closure, it’s time to do the final analysis by presenting out the good against the bad:

The Good:

  • Exceptionally portable
  • Bluetooth with A2DP – Wireless
  • Long Battery life
  • Very easy to Setup and Control
  • Also can act as Speakerphone

The Bad:

  • Doesn’t handles Bass as expected
  • Only two indications shown by the Battery indicator (fully charged or low)

The Ugly:

  • Distortion of the Audio at high volumes
  • Unit moves at Maximum volumes


In this fashion, the Mini Boombox is a perfect fit for individuals who want the aspect of listening to music on a wireless speaker with a rechargeable functionality. The sound output is good enough to facilitate its use for outdoor parties or to enjoy the music in a confined room. The portability option associated with the device is a beneficial aspect. This is because the personal listening speaker can be tagged along wherever you go and it also lasts long on a single charge.

The speaker obviously has its limitations and disadvantages, which however is in juxtaposition with the added functionalities it extends along-with its traditional speaker use. Hence, all in all it is a smart device which works well within its boundaries producing awesome sound quality packed in a diminutive appearance.

I will give it a 3.5 / 5 rating!