Affirmation by Samsung on the work in regard to Smart Watch Project

With recitals reported in from various corners, it has been revealed that the reports narrating Samsung’s work on a smart watch are indeed true. This significant piece of information has been dispatched by Bloomberg on the possible innovation by Samsung with respect to the rumors that surfaced up previously regarding the Smart watch. As we saw the descriptions on Apple’s “iWatch” surfacing up this year, there was always this area that the other competitors were going to target to functionalize the whole aspect of a level playing field. Thus, as the battle over the mobile devices escalates higher, this competition aspect associated with the other rivals accrues to match a higher degree of significance in the technological advancements.Samsung Smart Watch

The disclosed report also suggests that Samsung will initiate an attempt to provide a pricing advantage over Apple only due to the reason that it controls its own chip and display production, which are remarkably the areas of the highest-cost components in relation with a smart watch. With the information received previously, it was regarded that Apple had planned initially that 100 product designers were planning to work on the smart watch project. The resultant utilization aspect involved playing with the displayable glass and additionally considering the advantageous features such as biosensors and mapping functionality.

The particularized model is understood be employing a “full” version of iOS, which substantiated its claim in making it easier for integration and developer access. The battery life of the device can be presumed to be a problematic aspect; however the existent available prototypes lasts only about 2 days which is half of Apple’s intended goal.