Apple advances making gains in the U.S. Smartphone Market share

With respect to information from various lowdowns, a series of reports highlighted a rise in Apple’s smartphone marketshare which escalated to 3.5 percentage points between October and January. The notable sources comScore dispatched these results during the time of the monthly rolling survey of U.S. mobile phone users for the period between November-January.  This rise has seen an aggrandization of up to 37.8% constituting both U.S. smartphone platform and hardware sales. Thus, these tidings served as eye-opener hinting that Apple’s share price will reflect reality.


The second in the list of hardware makers was Samsung with 21.4%, which had a rise from 19.5%. The most significant drops were experienced both by HTC and Motorola with respect to the market share. Along these lines, LG had a slight transition up the ladder.

The highest benefactor was Android with a Smartphone platform share comprising 52.3%. However, this was a slight downward transition than the previously constituted share of 53.6%. Overall, Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian were the platforms that faced a downward trend. As a result of the undermining possibilities, this served as a benefit to Apple. To manifest a total Smartphone platform market share comprising Apple and Google, the particular report was calculated to be more than 87 percent of the smartphone market.


Google’s Android was the largest smartphone platform with 52.3% of smartphone platform share, down from 53.6% three months ago. Android, BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian all lost share, to the benefit of Apple. As a result, Apple and Google control more than 87 percent of the smartphone market.

The strikingly displayable data tracks make it more reflective of real-world usage, however the exhibition is slower to respond to shifting market trends than other reports recitals.