Apple and Intel on a reported deal for the production of Future iPhone and iPad Chips

The following news serves to be a thought-provoking approach on the relationship that exists between Apple and Samsung. Basically, a plot set for reducing the over reliance or dependency on Samsung as supplier for the chips. These reports are presented out from the tidings that associate information about Intel’s move of contract manufacturing of chips for other companies. This particularized announcement leads our thinking that there can be a possibility where Apple starts being a future customer in reference to the A-series chips for the iPhone and iPad.

Previously, it is a known fact that Intel has been the fundamental manufacturing unit for its self-designed computer CPUs; and notable PC manufacturers have paved their way as customers for buying such products. At one time, there was interest exhibited from Intel in reference to move towards a contract basis purposeful foundation or a “foundry” manufacturing of chips. Thus, the manifested project has been finally integrated as a fully functional model in the current life scenario. As we advance forward in the age of developing technology, the significant trend of having mobile devices to function as mini computers serve as amazingly facilitated functionality.

Thus people preferring more and more mobile devices than the traditional PCs, this resultant objective acts a threatening factor towards Intel’s core business. Therefore, undermining this specific ability to consider a base provider for dishing out the chip designs serves an advantageous activity in reference to achieve the dedicated goal.