Apple faces Siri Patent Lawsuit in China

Recently making the headlines are the tidings incorporated from the Shanghai Daily. These reports highlight that Apple currently is facing a lawsuit in China over Siri. This surfaces up because of the respective claims from the company. The company claims that Siri is regarded to be infringing on their patent rights.

The resultant disclosure that comes to sight involves the pre-hearing about the same at 2pm today so that Apple and Shanghai Zhi Zhen Internet Technology Co Ltd exchange respective evidence on the on-going issue. It is understood that Siri is estimated to be a similar itemization as Xiaoi, which is a chat robot system that is in development from 2003.
xiaoi's Android version(left) and its iOS version(right)
Furthermore, Xiaoi bot which initially came into existence as a chat bot for MSN and similar networks; currently its can be employed on various other platforms including Android and iOS. This development bears a resemblance like Siri, but the specific iOS version is not capable of comparison because of the different style i.e. resident for the microphone icon and button.

According to reports from the AFP, it is deduced that Zhi Zhen is planning to lay a halt with respect to the sales of infringing products. Additionally, it is explained that they are dishing out measures to reserve the right on seeking the compensation for the times ahead.