Canon EOS 100D putative specs, features and price revealed, slated for a release this March

Photography is an art and there is always an enthusiast who has this penchant for clicking innumerable photos in various situations. Therefore as technology accrues into broader spectrums revolutionizing the current lifestyle with the facilitated innovations; the newer set of gadgets or other disclosures consistently provide their arrival from time to time. Along these lines, these tidings regarding the launch of Canon’s DSLR camera have presented their arrival in the current time frame. These speculations have been strife for quite a time now and the respective narrations about it have revealed information on the alleged specifications and price point. These recitals with respect to the particular model have been prompted from a US site for electronics retailer Best Buy and giving the model the title Canon EOS 100D.Canon EOS 100D

According to Canon Rumours, the particularized model is expected to cost around the $799 mark along-with the EF-S 18-55mm IS lens kit. Adding the price of the kit to be around £500, these respective tabulated amounts lie below the referenced range of the 650D. Also, the model is physically smaller than the 650D and its dimensions are 116.8 x 91.4 x 68.5mm. It is construed that it is also smaller than the entry-level EOS 1100D as displayable in the leaked specifications.

Other detailed specifications and the respective features which are displayable on Best Buy include an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor, employing an image resolution up to 5184 x 3456, 3-inch TFT LCD touchscreen, and ISO up to 26,500. The supplementary respective things like Face detection and burst modes also have been listed. Additionally a movie mode and frames per second rating of up to four have also been deployable with respect to the model’s characteristic features.

The other circumstantial aspects include the information on the SD, SDHC and SDXC cards which are supported for memory. As the narrations surface up, it is expected that the camera will be announced on the 22nd or 23rd March.

Let’s wait and watch on what’s in store with respect to this disclosure!

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