Gears of War: Judgment Launched Worldwide

The epic saga of Gears of War did come to an end in the Gears Of War 3. The Loss of Dom and Adam Felix was indeed very disheartening. And since the Locust were destroyed the game’s story had pretty much ended. However, Microsoft announced a prequel to the series, Gears of Wars: Judgment during an official press conference in Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012.

The game was launched worldwide on March 19th 2012. In an event at Mumbai, Microsoft officially launched Gears of War:Judgment in India.
GOW Judgment
The game is now available in all leading stores throughout India. Like all other games of the series the has been launched only for Xbox 360 platform.

Gears of War Judgment Mumbai Launch

The New game was said to be a prequel to the story to “Emergence Day”. It tells the story of different characters that you played with in the Gears of War series. The game’s story revolves around events that lead up to the “emergence day”. The kilo squad is facing a trial and the entire game is in a sequence where each member tells their version of the events. Each level is told by a different member of Braid’s squad. Baird, Cole, Sofia and a URI grunt named Paduk, recall the events. The gameplay is similar to the other Gears of War game. The Game features Declassified Missions, which means that you get to play how actually things took place rather than how each member testifies in court. It introduces many new weapons and has loads of surprises packed.

I also got an opportunity to get my hands on the controller and play the game first hand. The game retains the major features of the previous games from Gears of Wars. With stunning graphics and amazing game play, the game is promising. All Gears of War fans must rush to their nearest store and buy the game! Here is the official Trailer for Gears of War: Judgement.

  • Jack Naylor

    This looks amazing! I can’t describe with words how much I was looking forward to the release of this game! And then having finally had a chance to play it I am lost for words! I didn’t think they could improve upon the experience of GOW but I was wrong! Would highly recommend this game to anyone.