HTC Desire P and HTC Desire Q pictorial depictions, specs appear online

As and when we are treated to newer innovations, the advancements that are made in the technological frame leaves every individual spellbound. Slowly and steadily as days pass by, we are treated to new revelations. Along these lines, the new entrants that present their arrival in this existent scenario include the disclosures of HTC’s newest Android phones. These arrivals have been named as the HTC Desire P and HTC Desire Q. The advertising escalations seem to have developed a tendency that these models (mid-range phones) will be available for China and

According to hearsays, the HTC Desire P is presumed to be having the same design as the HTC One SV. Furthermore, the device has a 4.3-inch 800 x 480 pixel display, 8-megapixel camera, 1GHz dual-core processor and microSD card support.

In appearance, it is construed that the HTC Desire Q appears to share a similarity with the design aspect when juxtaposed along-with the HTC Desire X. However, the display is known to be 4-inch and it possesses Beats Audio; otherwise no detailed information has been available on the respective handset in the current time frame. With the reports flowing in from various dispatchments, it is expected to share the specs constituting the 2012 model.

In addition to these leaks, another thing that is understood by looking at these pictorial depictions is that these devices seem to employ Sense 4. Hence, based on these divulging set of reports, we hope that HTC will bring out Sense 5 devices for ensuring that they bridge the mid-range