Indian Railways bring legal charges against Samsung for copying sleeper coach names in their models

Slowly and steadily as we are treated to significant technological advancements, the ease of use facilitated by these newer, better and faster devices amazes us in their unique mannerisms. As the speculations and rumors came to an end with the impending arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it has been an enthralling experience for every technological enthusiast. The device with its impressive blend of technologies thus served as a cutting edge over the other Smartphones with its unique amalgamation of features. These have been manifested in an advantageous way for the consumers. However, according to various hearsays this disclosure hasn’t gone down too well for the Indian Railway authorities. The railway minister and his working team waited cautiously for the unveilment of the device.Sleeper coches

The referenced understanding stems from the fact that Samsung have been accused of copying the names of all sleeper compartments namely S1, S2, S3 and S4 in their particularized models of the Galaxy series. Hence, on the basis of such plagiarism by the Samsung franchise, the Indian railway minister has filed a case against Samsung on the basis of “distinct name” infringement. After the Indian Railways repeatedly warned the Samsung executives of misusing their sleeper coaches’ names, the previous warning has fallen onto deaf ears. And now the minister has made sure that the Indian Railways will attempt to sue Samsung responsible for this blunder of naming their models S1, S2, S3 and S4 in exactly replicating the 3 tier sleeper category names. The fact that the minister wants to advocate is that these names were used without the prior permission and intimation by the manufacturing giant.

Additionally when our spokesperson proceeded to interview the minister on the matter, this was met with an agitated response from the entire team. The minister also mentioned about the design of their seats in these sleeper coaches being duplicated by Samsung to reproduce the exact width and curvature in a diminutive manner with respect to the phone. The authorized personnel also have the results regarding the calculations governing around the curvature and archs and bends that Samsung reside for their customary phones. Therefore with reports coming in from various quarters, it is expected that Samsung will be asked to provide a compensation amount or provide a healthy partnership with Indian Railway in order to close this matter or otherwise pay a penalty for their cruel deeds. With the rumor mill working overtime on the possible end results, certain reports have come in pointing us that Samsung will provide the Indian Railway with plentiful phones of S1, S2 with a healthy network connection for the users. Hence, utilizing this phone as the Wi-Fi hotspot the traveler can get access to Internet on the go & this phone will provide a facility to make emergency calls whenever the individual wants to. To facilitate this entire purpose, there will be people deployed in these coaches to keep this aspect serviceable and fully functional.

This practice of the entire suing process will continue along the course of time & we hope that the arbitrament is taken in the upcoming realms of possibility. However, we hope that the readers should take this one off incident “NOT SO SERIOUSLY” and keep it just for laughs!