Microsoft updates Windows 8’s Mail, Calendar and People apps

Afresh and recently in the news and serving as the front-page news is the itemization constituting the announcements made by Microsoft regarding the updates. The narrated reports present the arrival of significant updates by Microsoft for its Mail, Calendar and People apps to be employed on Windows 8. These updates will be provided shortly and these can be facilitated by simply clicking the “Updates” button which is displayable in the corner of the Windows Store.

With the resulting update, the user can possess the aspect of increased speed and other features for improving work-flow. Currently the mail app is usable because it provides various features such as better folder management, other ability to flag messages, various options to filter unread messages, aspects such as marking messages according to junk, search, add, edit and delete links during the time of composing a message, easier access to search and printing, and other small refinements. These respective facilitated highlights should have been available previously in the Mail app to start, however better late than never that these got manifested now.Windows-8-Mail-App

Considering the improvement in the current app, the basic focus has been facilitated with the aspect that the calendar can be viewed in week view. Plus the user can send an email to all meeting attendees along-with the addition of finding appointments more easily. This is due to the aid of the updated visuals and improved readability. Furthermore, the user can easily check the availability of meeting attendees, forward meeting invitations and select more recurrence options in conjunction with setting end dates for recurring events.

Another significant upgradation involves in reference to the People app, which is not that considerably used on Windows 8. The added functionalities exhibit an arrival of the feasibility provided to post to your friends’ Facebook walls employing and accessing through the People app. Additionally, one can navigate now filtering the “What’s New” feed by social network by going to People sections in an easier manner. Supplementary to these, the users can also view information from your Exchange global address list.

Hence, we hope that you jump onto these available updates as soon as possible.