Nokia and New India Assurance announce an excellent and impressive handset insurance plan

In the accruing age of technology, the developmental aspects that relate to newer, better innovations lie in comparison to none. During this time that the new facilitations evolve and materialize their transcendence in the world of prospering technological advancements, the associated transfiguration revolutionizes a productive perspective in the lives of the consumers. These newer products serve as the cutting edge over the other resultant innovations depending on the inventiveness of each product.

As Nokia strives forward its presence to regain the lost ground in the Smartphone market, the set of revelations released by Nokia serve as potential game changers in the aggrandizing age of Smartphones. Along these lines, as Nokia moves forward in accomplishing their intended motive of winning back their customer base; the various initiative measures taken up by Nokia serve as an outstanding peripheral for achieving the intended target.

In such a fashion based on narrations from recent tidings, Nokia has introduced a handset insurance plan for Nokia’s consumers. This was announced today and this partnership is in conjunction with a leading global insurance group to provide optimum benefit for the consumers and safeguard them against risks of mobile handset loss and damage. The partnership initiated by Nokia involves developing a partnership with New India Assurance (NIA), a leading global insurance group, which is solely owned by the Govt. of India. The plans covers the thefts, burglary, malicious acts, riots among others and also additionally including the damage which is beyond the purview of the consumer’s standard warranty.

This is stem out from an initial beginning of minimum insurance premium of just Rs. 50 and it will cost 1.25% of the purchased handset’s value. The user can manifest this plan by purchasing their particular handset from a Nokia Branded Retail Store. This can be simply availed by providing few personal details and receiving the specific insurance certificate, handout and payment receipt at the store itself.

This particular plan will be established from March 14, 2013 onwards and will be applicable on the purchase of all Nokia devices from all Nokia Branded Retail stores across the country. This will effectively mark its presence beginning from Delhi and the National Capital Region and then moving to Jaipur, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Cochin.

Furthermore, in the quest for improving the consumer experience further, there has been an additionally facilitation of a plan for ensuring Value Added Services exclusively to Nokia consumers. This has been possible because of the tie up by New India Assurance and Nokia with an IRDA Licensed “Insurance Broker” to assist the progress of such a happening. These can be availed at an additional price of Rs. 50 per device which is irrespective of the device cost. The following are the Value Added Services as expedited by call centre which is managed by the “Insurance Broker”. The service include

  • Free pickup and drop services in six cities, viz., Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad Chennai and Kolkata.
  • Cashless service.
  • Standby devices and chargers

Thus, the referenced cultivation of such a plan is an outstanding aspect for the respective consumers.