[Rumors] Google as well working in process to build its own Android Smart Watch

As time passes by, the advancing technology gathers ascension bringing out innumerable disclosures after every passing revelation. Thus, whenever there is an announcement or information disclosed with respect to an upcoming innovation; the rumor mill works overtime gathering the necessary lowdowns with respect to the various releases.

Previously, we were presented with the tidings regarding the upcoming wristwatches that were on course to present their arrival in the current time frame. Along these lines, based on the aforementioned concept we were presented with reports regarding the innovations Apple and Samsung were set to bring forth Smartphone-connected wristwatches into the technological market. Just like that based on narrations from various rumors, it is reported that Google’s Android Unit is putting forward the efforts in developing a SmartWatch upon its own principles cultivating a rich brand of technological evolution in the current sector. These dispatchments have been notified to the consumers by The Financial Times.

These lowdowns don’t come as a surprise as to Google entering the SmartWatch competition. Another notable detail that has accumulated from the existent report is that of Google’s specific project being completely unrelated to the other competitors. Thus, it is presumed to be separate from the released tidings. Furthermore, lately the rising tension that has aggravated between two companies seems to be a hindrance in the way as Samsung distances away from the Android brand. The information reports that this upcoming revelation emphasizes to be as a specific mainstream wearable accessory in comparison to the Google Glass project that had come up previously.

Therefore as manufacturing giants chalk out plans for the production of significant revelations to match their potential rivals, it is indeed an interesting development associated with the newer innovations with the cutting edge features.

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    Of course after lg, samsung, and apple, the big G couldnt be behind! The point is how much competeting will be..