Rumors: Introduction of Wireless Charging by Apple & Samsung in 2013??

With reports from Digitimes on the current tidings, the eye-openers that present their arrival in the current itemizations are the lowdowns dished out mentioning about the prospect of wireless charging to be employed upon by Apple and Samsung in their upcoming their “flagship models” of Smartphones in 2013. This introduction is set to present wide cheers amongst the faithful fans of both the manufacturing giants.

According to the recent headlines, it is construed that the inductive charging is the primary functionality which is set to be employed by Samsung. In contrary to Samsung, Apple is trying their significant advancements on their own specific version of wireless charging. These notable disclosures are presented from the various industry sources.

Wireless Charging

From the particular itemization and collecting the important pieces from the provided information it is deduced that Samsung is working on a solution which will cater as an addition in the form of an add-on accessory to replace the usual traditional back-cover of their smartphones. This specific functionality was previously visible in Palm’s Touchstone wireless charging system for the Palm Pre. As displayable from the hearsays, it is however unclear that whether Apple’s solution would be a built-in functionality or be functional as an additional accessory.

Thus, speculations in relation to these stories have been strife and it is a matter of time before such a functionality gets operative for the respective devices. Previously there have been tidings associated on magnetic resonance charging technology undertaken by Apple for its constructive utilization purposes, however it remains to be seen when such a mission will be implemented with respect to the particular devices.