Samsung Galaxy S4 alleged Specs and Design through the medium of a rumored pictorial description

As long as we move forward in an advancing technological stage where Smartphones become indispensable and fundamental elements of our life; the tidings associated with the set of newer innovations repeatedly surface up at regular intervals. During the time that new disclosures aggrandize the growth and development in the technological sector, the production of newer, and better, faster devices continues to amaze the consumers with the every passing revelation. From time to time, there are a plethora of dispatchments which serve as the eye-openers in relation to a specific device. Presently in the news and from recent lowdowns are the tidings regarding the Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S4.



The suppositional specifications along-with the design are construed to be leaked in a pictorial depiction which provides insights in the upbringing of the particular device. The source being the Twitter account @evleaks is a reliable source and the depiction looks like the attempt of Samsung’s marketing material or a mockup highlighting the S4’s features.

Based on the information gathered from the depiction, the following are the specifications:

  • Super AMOLED full HD touch screen
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 16GB/32GB/64GB of storage
  • 13-megapixel rear-facing camera


Other proportionalities include no buttons on the front side of the Smartphone, but it also shows an almost edge-to-edge display. A look at the rendering of the device exhibits its presence to be 4.99-inches.

There is also another pictorial depiction that highlights the comparison between the Samsung’s Galaxy handsets and the Galaxy S4. Also, it strikes a claim that Galaxy S4 can be the largest one in the Galaxy S line-up.

Amidst the circulating rumors is the feasibility of the eye-tracking technology to be employed by the S4. Also, it is expected that utilizing this facility a user can scroll the web pages without even touching the screen and this task is performed only by using their eyes. Thus, it is an interesting development over the course of time.

  • King

    specs seems to be legit.. it is the new features that really matters.. Have to see what Samsung will claim this time hope it is best designed for humans… 😀