Samsung to release a high-end Tizen smartphone in August or September

As revelations are announced fast and quick in this current Smartphone market, the constant developments dispatched by the manufacturing giants turn out to be magnificent innovations in the realms of various possibilities. Along these lines, another innovation to hit the market is going to be the arrival of a high-end Smartphone by Samsung which will employ its open-source Tizen operating system. These reports have been revealed snippets from an executive, as confirmed to Bloomberg. The tidings that associate this disclosure suggest that the product will be released as soon as August or September 2013.

The facilitation of Tizen is an advantageous aspect because it has been developed in-house and the applications are based on HTML5. Therefore, it regarded as Samsung’s alternative to Android with its open source benefits. This dispatchments was narrated by Lee Young Hee, Vice President of Samsung’s mobile business. Also, the low-downs mention that the device will equip the best of specs.

However, keeping aside all the tidings the general story so far has been that Samsung hasn’t sold a Tizen device till date. Therefore these specific lowdowns on certain Smartphones employing Tizen are understood to be as a safety net prospect in conjunction to Google’s Android OS.

Along these lines, the current revelations that have presented their arrival include the latest discovery. The newly announced flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 which was released at an event in New York City. Hence, no in depth information has been dished out yet on the specifications of the Tizen Smartphone, but it is construed that it may feature the inclusion of various S4 features.

Tizen OS based Smartphone

With reports from Bloomberg, it is to be noted that Samsung is set to release three high-end devices with above-average specifications in this present year. We have already seen the arrival of the Galaxy S4 and the other regarded to be the Galaxy Note II. Thus, the third revelation could be Tizen Smartphone itself!

Only time will tell, We will have to wait and watch!

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