First Appearance of the World’s Smallest And Lightest Phone: Willcom Phone Strap 2

During the time that Smartphones possesses to be an integral part of human lives, the range of functionalities provided by the handheld devices continues to amaze the users with the set of features all packed in a handheld device. Along these lines as the current technological advancements surface to fluctuate between phone and tablets, the range of devices that are available keep accruing with each passing revelation. As the sizes of the Smartphones try and keep up with the tablets, an eye-opening innovation by Willcom announces its arrival to be the world’s smallest and lightest phone.

The phone is notably regarded as the Phone Strap 2, and its weight is just 32 grams with its measurement’s strikingly noticeable at 32 x 70 x 10.7 millimeters. The Japanese phone company Willcom has manifested the entire hardware into a small package which superlatively presents its arrival as a unique phone in the competitive market of Smartphones. In comparison to this diminutive model by Willcomm, iPhone at 112 grams is found to be four times heavier than Willcom’s miniature model. Sporting a  one-inch display and a ten-key keyboard as before.

World's smallest Phone

The features include the facility provided for text-based email, a movable antenna and an on-board infrared sensor. It is self-explainable that the phone lacks camera and with its small size the battery is responsible for holding upto 2 hours of talktime and 300 hours of standby time. The availability of movable antenna presents a nostalgia feel to the old times when the users extended antenna using teeth during the time of answering the phone. Also there is no music support or Bluetooth capabilities due to its minuscule size.


As outstandingly understandable from the name, the device comes with a strap, additionally encompassing a microUSB jack for earphones. According to various tidings, it is construed that the phone has the facility to store 1,000 contacts in the address book and the particular model will be available in three colors of pink, black, and white. As of now, there is no concrete information on pricing or release date, however it is expected that it will be available for a modest price. Currently, only 12,000 units have been manufactured & the phone can only be purchased with a standalone contract.

  • ai

    This is really nice phone.I will use it

  • Sup

    Now that’s a phone you can loose with your keys! And you need a pen to push the buttons! It’s cute though