Apple Looks to Boost In-Car Integration of Maps and Siri in iOS 7

According to reports, Apple is planning to reinforce their project of vehicle integration with the next-generation mobile operating system. These tidings surface up through 9to5Mac and divulge about the possibility of integrating Maps and Siri provisioning them on the built-in displays which are displayable in cars.siri_eyes_free_bmw

However, the other lowdowns warn that this actual facilitation of the respective project will happen over the course of time. This is due to the fact that the entire process will take time because of the complexities that are involved with negotiating deals with car companies. Also, testing, and the other required improvements to Apple’s services infrastructure will have several difficulties to clear through before Apple takes giant steps in incorporating the dedicated motive. It is construed that such mechanisms are undertaken keeping in mind that the technological support will assist the integration purpose i.e., coming as part of iOS 7.

Previously it was announced last year that an “Eyes Free” mode for Siri as part of iOS 6 was on the cards, however that succumbed to delays & it was finally dished out in February of this year. Nevertheless, Chevrolet managed to become the first car manufacturer with respect to offering integration of such facilitation with its Spark and Sonic models. Along these lines, several other manufacturers have presented out supporting for bestowing Eyes Free in their vehicles in the future.