iPhone 6 concept video: 4.5 inch Display & No Home Button

As the rumor mill works overtime on finding potential leaks and rumors associated with newer innovations, presently we are bestowed with tidings associated with the iPhone design. Slowly and steadily as the focus stems away from conceptualizing iOS’s new version, these lowdowns are perceived with the imagination of what the new iPhone might look like. The particular video displays a new thinner and smaller iPhone design possessing a bigger screen. However, the notable thing spotted is the design representation is displayable without the Home button. Hence, it is a surprising development as according to sources it is rightly expected that an iPhone won’t come up without the facilitation of a Home button. But, it is a good concept to imagine the particular design for further development.iPhone 6

The represented design presents the basic shell of the device in similar fashion as the previous version. However the individual can view a slightly thinner bezel seen on the front face which can prove advantageous in reducing the weight off the product. The astonishable illustration is that there is no Home button seen and it is construed to be removed entirely by the designer. But no information can be given out to the users on how the individuals can facilitate exiting of apps without the notable presence of the Home button in iOS devices. Along these lines, it is presumed that iOS 7 will introduce gesture based actions for the completion of such operations. Let’s wait and watch as the mystery folds!


What are your thoughts on the latest concept and the newer design of iPhone 6?

  • http://www.highyieldlowerrisk.info/ jeff

    It already weird how much I incorporate “gestures” into the way I use the phone now. Hopefully my gestures will corrospond with the developed ones.

  • http://technodistrict.blogspot.com/ Technology information

    i like to see i phone 6, it’s must be great than iphone 5