Microsoft Windows Blue construed to be named as Windows 8.1

Ultimately the major update to Microsoft Windows has surfaced up and this is being regarded as the Windows Blue until currently. This aforementioned alleged name is construed to be the codename of the update, however it has been brought to notice that is the Windows 8.1.

This information has been released out by one of ZDNet’s tipsters and this believed disclosure has set forth a name quite different from the rest. Thus, it’s a refreshing name given to the newest arrival of its latest PC operating system. Furthermore, it has been implied that the Windows RT will be called Windows RT

With dispatchments from these lowdowns, it is considered that it will be much like “Mango” which is inferred to be described as the Windows Phone 7.5. However, ZDNET reports that Microsoft is expected to keep 8.x suffix alive for the forthcoming updates that will come into existence sooner ahead.

As per the significant insights presumed from the tidings, the tipster reports that Blue however will definitely not be Windows 9. Also, it is regarded that Windows 8.1 will come into existence in the autumn, or possibly August. Nevertheless, currently nothing has been known at this moment. But, it is a matter of discussion as to whether it will be a free update or a paid patch for Windows 8 users.