Nokia set to unveil New Lumia Windows Phones on May 14th

Previously we have all seen tidings that have been associated with the upcoming revelations with respect to the iOS and Android platforms. These iOS and Android devices have constituted a major part of the itemizations over the course of time. The devices that presented their arrival during this period were namely the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTCs One and another unconfirmed successor to the iPhone 5. Slowly and steadily other competitors strike a claim for producing newer and better devices, Nokia has managed to re-enter this competition with the introduction of the Windows Phone 8 devices. Along these lines, a special press event is to be held on May 14th which will display the tech world to “see what’s next” from the Lumia brand.


The Lumia 920 and 820 marked their presence in the current Smartphone market and the launch of these models proved Nokia to be capable in their respective high-end and mid-range categories. However as these phones propel to become old in conjunction to the active Smartphone market, Nokia plans to revive their innovations to strike force a claim in the market and move the consumers away from iOS and Android.

Therefore, Nokia plans on releasing new handsets during this year’s fall for facilitating the arrival for their newer innovations. Along these lines, a series of speculations surrounding such claims gaze the eyeballs with the rumored exhibitions. It is understood that the company is targeting something different that providing an outright successor to the 920 or 820. According to the rumors, it is construed that Nokia maybe planning to introduce a 41MP PureView Windows Phone to stamp an authority over the currently existent devices. Thus this press event is an interesting development because it keeps the consumers guessing on what Nokia actually has up its sleeve.

Let us know what’s your take on the overall situation? What would you want from Nokia’s press event? A fascinating 920 with a slick aluminum finish is what you prefer or do you want a innovation completely out of the box?