Pictorial depiction of the rumored HTC 608t: 4.5-inch display, quad-core processor [Rumors]

Slowly and steadily as we proceed forward after the launch of the HTC One, we are bestowed with tidings associated with newer disclosures from the Taiwanese manufacturing giant. Thus, after the high end Smartphone was divulged out this year, HTC has drawn its attention towards producing an arrival in the mid-range devices.  According to reports the newly introduced model is named as The HTC 608t and it has surfaced up recently in China’s TENAA. This handset sports a flashy red back and possesses dual speakers. However these dual speakers may or may not be promoted as Boom Sound. Also ostentatiously displayable is the specific button layout from the HTC One. Therefore it is regarded to be a child version of the broadly main revelations, the HTC One and the One SV.

The notable functionality is the utilization of stereo sound and this is the second HTC device employing such functionality of dual speakers. It is construed that HTC seems to be doubling down on audio, however the HTC 608t is regarded to be little different from the 606w according to other lowdowns.

Nevertheless these are rumors, but these do highlight the possibility of HTC presenting a new arrival in the realms of possibilities ahead. According to other itemizations, it is understood that the device will have quad-core processor (currently unnamed), 1GB of RAM & will run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with a dose of Sense 5. Also, it will possess an 8-megapixel camera. Nonetheless, there is no facilitation of UltraPixel camera for this device. Still it is presumed that this might be a good thing considering the other marketing terms going around. At this moment, there is no word regarding its launch in U.S. or even China.htc-608t-tenaa