Report: Google to launch a new version of Nexus 7 in July

According to the rumors and other dispatchments, it has been revealed that Google is slated to release an update to its Nexus 7 tablet in July. The device is known to be powered by a Qualcomm chip and this expected arrival is inferred to be similarly priced to the currently affordable version.

With reports coming in from Reuters, the significant insights that support this claim involve information on Google’s devised plan to tackle the affordable tablet market. This is a facilitated approach from Google to present its arrival in a big way with the new release. Thus these itemizations are understood to be a fact than a rumor. It is also believed that Google is hoping to sell up to 8 million Asus-built slates in their pursuit of stealing the market share accrued from the iPad mini and Kindle Fire.Nexus 7 in July

The specifications involve the availability of a higher-resolution screen along-with a thinner design and a Qualcomm chip. Another eye-opener is in the form of a Tegra 3 chip, which is currently employed on the Nexus 7 devices that are available on sale. This change stems from the fact that previously the Asus devices were responsible for functioning on the Nvidia’s Tegra system.

The general understanding is that the decision to go with Qualcomm is presumed to be connected in reference to power consumption. This will help Nvidia in a large way because of the facilitation of a chip inside a Nexus device which ultimately assists Nvidia in aggrandizing a market presence for the company.

Currently there is no word out on the pricing, but it regarded that the device will be available for £159 as per sources. Reports suggest that this will be priced similar to the original Nexus 7. However, surely first-gen tablet could be possibly discounted and kept on sale.