Reports disclose that Amazon has acquired Siri-Like Evi App for $26M

According to various reports, it has been brought to notice that Amazon has acquired a natural language search platform which is similar to Siri. It is regarded as Evi and with reports from hearsays it has been bought for $26 million. Previously the Evi app was available on the App store; however Apple had threatened the company because of the similar characteristics that existed similar to Siri. Along these lines over the course of time it was reported that the company devised a way to reduce the glaring similarities between Evi and Siri. Thus, as a result Evi remained available on the App Store.


As per the surfacing itemizations, it is understood that True Knowledge which is the company behind Evi has the license for the same Nuance voice recognition technology which is employed by Siri. Also, it is known that Evi offers a plethora of information which is found to juxtapose comparisons with Siri’s abilities. Evi was original launched early in 2012. It is regarded that Amazon needs Evi for several purposes and other utilities in the manner of building the service into its Kindle Fire tablet. Moreover, it is presumed that this functionality maybe needed for use possibly in the Amazon phone. The development of a Smartphone is an interesting upgrowth in the presented lowdowns. Evi is available for the iPhone & can be downloaded from here.