Review: Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Scanner

Epson has been one of the leading brands in printers and scanners. This Japanese company is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of Computer printers,  information and imaging related equipment. Though better known for it’s computer Printers, Epson has created a considerable market with it’s scanners which are included in All-in-ones.

One may have faced this problem many times when travelling and you need to scan a document urgently and have no means to scan it. How you wish that you could get your hands on a scanner.  Many students may also have faced this same issue. When you urgently need to scan an assignment and email it to your professor. Epson has come with a solution to address these problems. Epson’s Workforce DS-30 is a Portable scanner. You might think that these claims are incredulous. But here comes Epson with an innovative product to scan documents on the go!

Usual scanners are bulky and delicate as they contain a glass screen and a moving optical sensor that scans the document. Hence that it can be difficult to carry such a scanner with you in your one Nighter bag. However, Epson’s portable scanner’s innovative design moves the sheet of paper over the optical sensor instead of moving the sensor over the paper. This allows to build a much smaller scanner that will able to scan documents on the go.

EpsonWorkForceDS30 top view

Let’s take a look at the Technical specifications of the device:

  1. Scan Method: Fixed carriage and moving document
  2. Paper Supply: Manual feed (face down)
  3. Optical Sensor: 600 dpi color CIS with 10,368 pixels
  4. Max. Effective Picture Element: Main 5,100 pixels x Sub 8,400 pixels
  5. Max. Scan Output Pixels: Main 5100 x sub 8400 pixels
  6. Scanning Resolution:
    • Main: 600 dpi
    • Sub: 600 dpi (mechanical step is 600 dpi)
  7. Output Resolution: 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400 and 600 dpi
  8. Document Size:
    • Plastic /emboss card (max. thickness 1.2 mm; landscape scanning only)
    • A4, A5, A6, B5, A8 (portrait scanning only)
    • Business card
    • Letter
    • Legal
    • Custom sizes(not bigger than A4)
  9. Size: 10.86″ x 1.97″ x 1.45″ (W x D x H) – (excluding protrusion)
  10. Weight: 0.7 lb
  11. Interface: USB 2.0

EpsonWorkForceDS30 side view

 In-depth Review of the device:

The scanner delivers what it advertises. With only 10 inches long it can fit into your laptop bag, you backpack or even you one Nighter bag. It doesn’t require a different power supply, instead it works by consuming power via USB cable. It requires a 5-pin mini USB cable to connect to the PC/MAC.

The scanner is compatible with all Windows and MAC OS. All you have to do is install the Drivers provided in CD packaged with the Scanner and you are ready to go. The scanner scans documents on the go at the touch of a button. Just connect the scanner to the PC/MAC then insert the paper required to be scan face down in the scanner and press the scan button. The CD also includes an OCR software that will allow you to make searchable PDFs as well as editable work documents.

The Scanner can scam documents directly into PDF files or upload them on the cloud using Google Drive, Evernote, etc. The scanning quality of the scanner is decent being 600 dpi. It is enough for normal documents. The speed of scanning fast considering it’s size an portability. The USP of this product is its portability and ease of use which the product does not fail to deliver! Priced at a comfortable price of Rs.10,999 in the Indian market, the scanner is a complete value for money.

See the portable scanner in action in this video:

To see the scanning quality of the Scanner you may view this sample Document that is scanned using Epson Workforce DS-30 with 600dpi.

Final Verdict:

The Product is a complete value for money considering its portability and other features. The portable scanner is totally worth investing in if you are a travelling professional who is constantly on the go.


I would give this product a strong 4/5 rating for its portability and ease of use!