SimCity for Mac arriving on June 11th, accompanying Cross-Platform Servers

With reports coming in from various sources, it is regarded that the new SimCity will ship on June 11 for the Mac.  As a result of this announcement gamers can purchase SimCity as a $60 digital download via Origin. This is notably EA’s Steam-like digital store, which was launched previously this very year. The game will be also available from other digital retailers. PC users will get the Mac version for free. simcity

Considering all developments from the resulting reports, it is deduced that this version is not simply a Mac “port” of the Windows version. This is presumed to be a native version of the game specifically designed for the Mac. The software renderer has been manifested with respect to for OpenGL, however reports signify the utilization of same servers as the PC edition. This facilitation surfaces up so that individuals can play together on the same server without being concerned of what platform they are using.

Previously, EA required connection to the servers for employing playing facilities during the time that multiple cities had to be connected for sharing utilities and citizenry. Also, it was noted that at the launch SimCity’s servers were affected with traffic which resulted ultimately in annoying & irksome gameplay experience. As we move forward in time, this thing of the past has been sorted. This is proven by the fact that the company dished out a ‘Cheetah’ speed mode back on for reducing the load on the servers after SimCity had released initially.