Utilize Infinity Cell and Charge your iPhone by simply shaking it

The Infinity Cell is a propitious arrival and it performs as a kinetic charger for the iPhone. The user simply has to generate electricity with the help of some body movements. As of now, the characteristic exhibition of Infinity Cell involves a 3D printed rectangle that is roughly of the size of a pack of cigarettes. This resultant functionality is connected to the iPhone with a cable. It focusses on creating a more streamlined version during the devised product’s Kickstarter campaign.

Charging the phone becomes a cakewalk for the users. This is because the individual will simply have to shake the product for 30 minutes which results in providing significant power to the iPhone expediting a 20 percent charge. Thus the Infinity Cell proves to be a beneficial aspect in the quest for charging your iPhone. During the time that you shake the Infinity Cell for three hours, enough power will be provided for charging the iPhone to a good level. Obviously it’s stupid to just sit and shake the iPhone for three hours or more just to charge your device. Therefore, the Infinity Cell dishes out characteristics aimed at generating power from even the slightest movements from individuals.

Moreover, this product will resemble a Mophie or MaxBoost battery case. Hence the user will simply have to put the iPhone into this case and back into the pocket. Whenever the individual performs some movement, be it walking, jogging, or biking; these set of activities will power the iPhone in an easy manner. Additionally, it is regarded that an Infinity Cell iOS app may also be on the production lines and it should be made available sooner than later. Also, this can be utilized for tracking the device’s energy saving, carbon offset, and improves the experience largely by granting users specific badges. These are only awarded after the individual manages to reach different energy saving rankings.

Infinity Cell