Direct TV Voice vs. Amazon Prime Comparison

Are you excited for the day when we can utter the words “Beam me up, Scotty” and it actually happens? Well, we are not quite there yet but we have made one step closer. Television content providers are looking for ways to bring the shows we love to our devices at a faster rate and make it easier to find them than ever before. Smartphones have already made it big, and other objects integrating into the internet is the wave of the future and in many ways we are riding it now.

Video content is reaching a new paradigm in its development cycle. People want it immediately wherever they happen to be and it must run natively on every device they own. Finally, that is possible. For the first time ever apps are giving us the features, we have always thought impossible, at our fingertips. Right now, integration and connectivity are the name of the game. Everyone is looking for new ways to allow the audiences to engage the content. Many feature rich services are evolving to bridge the gap between old media’s television model and new media’s streaming video. To stay competitive many traditional content providers are looking for ways to amp up their services to retain customers and hopefully gain additional ones. How they are accomplishing these goals varies amongst the corporations providing the services. Let’s take a looks at how two of the players in this market stack up against one another.

TV working on Voice commands

Incorporating voice commands into our favorite devices has been the dream of every science fiction wonderer since, well, likely the beginning of speech. Some of the functionality we have enjoyed in our smart phone apps is coming to our television watching experience. DirecTV Voice allows subscribers to search for any show they want to watch from any location they are right from their smart phone. By voice command you can request content that will be delivered by the voice recognition technology company Nuance Communications, the same folks that collaborated on Siri. This app will even delivery your favorite shows from DirectTV to your phone. Pretty awesome! They have really brought the next age of television viewing right into our hands this time. Their selection of programming makes this app and its functionality a total score. If you already have a DirecTV account you’re ready to get started, if you are still interested in opening an account sites such as offer special deals.

Creating unity between our devices is the big trend in technology right now, the drive to make accessing content and encouraging connectivity between people easier is the motive behind many of the developments emerging from the laboratories of many great companies and start-ups.

Amazon Instant Video is, of course,’s effort to get into the streaming video industry. With so many users shopping their marketplace and ingraining themselves into the companies brand this thing is bound to win over an audience of some size. With an Amazon Prime membership you gain access to 140,000 videos. Content is available to download in case you don’t have Wi-Fi access, such as: on the moon. Their WhisperSync technology helps keep your place when switching between devices.

There are many choices to make when selecting a digital content provider. There are many determining factors to consider such as mobility, screen size and of course the content you want to watch. Let us know, if we can help you decide!