EAFT Destiny D90T Tablet Review

As advancements in technology aggrandize slowly and steadily, budget products continue to become the eye-catching disclosures amongst various innovations. Along these lines, a company named EAFT Technologies is responsible for making an excellent addition to the already existent series of budget categorical tablets. The Android tablet called Destiny D90T comes with impressive specifications in an affordable price range. EAFT Technologies, the Bangalore-based end-to-end product and solutions company has managed to devise an exceptional tablet with a plethora of functions.


It materializes to be a wonderful tablet running on Android Jellybean with some good specifications under the hood. The following sections present a detailed overview of the respective aspects.

Design and Build:

The Destiny D90T bears striking resemblance to the design characteristics of other tablets available in the market. Moreover, the rear of the device possesses a white and silver matte plastic finish. Therefore, this particularized facilitation results in the respective area being a fingerprint and dust magnet. But, who is concerned about a fingerprint magnet back, anyway? A set of silver strips are present on both the sides. One of them is responsible for endowing the camera and the other rests at the bottom of the rear panel.

D90T TAB side

Additionally, there is availability of a volume rocker, a mono speaker, headphone jack and the power socket. Rather than a volume rocker, two separate buttons are displayable to control the volume which promises to be a propitious existence on the device. The power/standby button is placed on the top thus it can be used easily. Furthermore, the positioning of the mini HDMI, microSD card slot and the micro USB PC interface resides on the right hand side.

Moreover, no physical buttons exist on the face of the device which provides the testimony of a cleaner look. The weight of the tablet is about 609 grams, however the ease of use is not burdensome orienting it in both landscape and portrait mode for prolonged hours. Its physical dimensions are 241 x 190 x 9.5 mm.

Features and Specifications:

The EAFT Destiny D90T runs on Android 4.0.4 ICS and is powered dual-core Cortex A9 processor which is clocked at 1.6GHz. The graphics processor is the MALI-400 and 1GB RAM is available on the device. Along with these specifications, the device has an internal storage of 8GB with around 5.6GB available for user storage and the rest is utilized by the system. A 2MP camera is available on both the rear and front sides with the facilitation of LED flash on the rear. Furthermore, connectivity options are resident on the tablet. These are the Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth, 3G via USB dongle, micro USB PC interface and mini HDMI. Also, it provisions two 4000 mAh batteries connected internally in series for the amalgamation of a large 8000 mAh battery.



The bothersome aspect is that the touch-screen seems a little below par. Thus, the touch is rough and kind of vexatious to navigate on the tablet. But, it is usable! The keyboard is a little annoying and goes numb sometimes making it an uncomfortable experience typing on the device. Therefore, it may take a little longer than usual to get your text documentation sorted out on this device!

The highly notable trait of the EAFT Destiny D90T is its display resolution which is 1024×768 pixels. The user is treated with good viewing angles with the advantageous facilitation of great color representation. However, the aspect ratio of 4:3 is the only concerning thing; 16:9 would be great! Despite these annoying developments, this device provides awesome experience for browsing the web or reading text on it. This is due to the vibrant display which is a gratifying actuality for the respective device.

The device performs average if you consider the overall performance on undertaking different tasks. In some instances, occasional lagging is an issue but it is a decent experience as compared to some other tablets. Usually, the normal games like Angry Birds Star Wars, Stick Cricket, Speedx 3D, Jetpack Joyride, Cut the Rope run quite smoothly on the device, but games such as Subway Surf, Agent Dash, Dead Trigger produced a slightly laggy phenomenon when employed on this tablet.


Furthermore, it was astonishing to view the benchmark scores of the device using Quadrant Standard. EAFT Destiny D90T scored 3910 on the charts & it thus resulted in the score being between the Motorola ATRIX 4G and the Asus Transformer Prime. Considering that the Destiny D90T runs on a dual-core processor, these results were a remarkable showing for the tablet. The idiosyncrasy of the device lies in the fact that the tablet fared quite well as comparable to the budget tablets with similar specifications!

Battery Life:

Another eye-opener that marked its arrival was the battery life of the tablet. Before starting with the review, it was estimated to be more than 8 hours. And Yes, the battery of the device is very impressive! During the time that we used the device as a standard everyday device employing movie playback, music streaming, YouTube videos and Browsing on it for a prolonged period, playing games and sleep mode, a battery life of around 6 hours was provisioned out by the tablet.

The Good:

  • Impressive battery life
  • Good display
  • Great Video playback and Audio

The Bad:

  • 4:3 aspect ratio proves detrimental in some cases
  • Shoddy keyboard

The Ugly:

  • Laggy response while playing heavy games is irritating


The MRP of the D90T is around Rs. 16,990; however it is available for a discounted price of Rs. 14,990. To sum it up, this tablet is a fantastic arrival for the individuals who are looking at a budget tablet good on fronts like performance, battery life and the user interface. Moreover, it is ideal for people who love reading eBooks or enjoy browsing on the Internet regularly. Considering the other alternative competitors, EAFT needs to rethink on the final price of the device. This is because of the availability of various other quad-core processor Android tablets that are available in the market and which can be predominant devices over the D90T.

I will give it a respectable 3 / 5 rating!