LG Optimus G (E975) Review

Slowly and steadily as we advance forward in the age of transcending technology, we are treated to new disclosures that gaze our eyeballs in this direction. A plethora of revelations present their arrival as every competitor tries to devise out a product which is superior over the other in the viciously competitive market!

LG as a Smartphone giant hasn’t quite made the right noises with respect to their flagship models. However, such instances maybe a thing of the past due to the arrival of LG’s Optimus G. This device can provide a benchmark for ground-breaking success for this South Korean Smartphone manufacturer. Along these lines, LG Optimus G (E975) serves as an efficient device boasting impressive specifications and other several functionalities. Therefore it is a proficient attempt by LG to mark their presence into the top-end Smartphone bracket. The following sections present a detailed overview of the respective aspects.
LG Optimus G (E975)

Design and build:

The device has a simple black look on each side and some silver trim on the edges. Also present is a holographic kind of pixelated look on the back of the device similar to the Nexus 4. The blocky sort of design that LG has chosen provides a grand feel to the Optimus. Moreover, the chrome trim facilitated on the boundary or the edge displays the device awesomely during the time that you take it out of your pocket. Therefore it presents out a classy appearance and the handset will surely grab eye-balls with such functionalities.

Along-with the glossy finish of the screen, the rest of the chassis is also presented with the same treatment. This surely helps in enriching the display factor, but it proves detrimental by the fact that the device ultimately becomes a fingerprint magnet. This is because you will have to constantly clean the handset due to the fingerprints and smudges that reside on them. The most disadvantageous part in regard to design is that there is hardly any grip on both sides of the phone. This tends to make the Optimus G very slippery.

Volume rocker and the micro sim slot on LG Optimus G

The power and the volume rocker buttons are provisioned out on the sides. This helps in easy access & the particular task can be completed in an easy manner using these buttons. Importantly, only one slot exists on the side for inserting the microSIM card. Another downside is that the user doesn’t have the option to expand the storage capacity or add SD storage. This is because the rear of the device is entirely sealed off. The protective glass coating on the back devises LG Optimus G’s view to follow the pattern of the Nexus 4. Additionally, the device possesses a 13MP camera and a single LED flash. The display looks superb and is also well protected due to the Gorilla glass; also note that the phone is tough enough and does not crack even after falling multiple times on marble floor!


A propitious aspect lies in the fact that Optimus G is very useful due to the presence of additional 2GB of RAM. Its other competitors provision out a 1GB of RAM, except from the LG Nexus 4 and HTC Butterfly. The only irksome part is that the device gets heated very easily and quickly when it is employed with small tasks or long during phone conversations. This factor contributed towards pointing the fallacies in this handset. LG Optimus G acts as a superior dominator when tested using Quadrant Standard. It manages to score a whopping 7892 during the time that we tried to figure out its place in the competitive market.
Quadrant Standard Screenshot

The audio output from the Speaker is very impressive. However, the audio may sound crisp and clear most of the times but minimal distortion is felt at high volumes. Another advantageous facilitation is involved with the provisioning of superbly packaged headphones that provide thumping bass to justify optimum sound quality to the users. Additionally, the device simply works as a charm. This can be in reference to playing high resolution games or while multitasking in juxtaposition with other apps!


The LG Optimus dishes out two broad power saving options. This is in the order of Power Saver and the other is in regard to Eco Mode. The Power Saver targets on switching off Wi-fi, lowering Brightness & by turning off the Vibrating modes, etc. Just like that the Eco Mode aims on optimizing the CPU for efficiency. With the availability of a 2100 mAH battery, the battery life can be estimated to be around 14 hours on average use. Thus it can be deemed to be disappointing with respect to the price tag.


A notable characteristic is the facilitation of the 13MP BSI sensor camera provisioned with a single LED flash. Based upon results, it was inferred that this sensor assists the progress in capturing images efficiently in low light conditions. Moreover, it performs well during the time of ample lightning by capturing good colours and detail in a beneficial manner. Along-with the traditional options, the user is provisioned out with other tweaking options in the form of scene modes, HDR, continuous shot and further other newly created ones like Time catch shot and Cheese shutter. Such neat tricks improve the overall functionality of the camera perspective.

The advantageous feature is that the device can easily recognise certain phrases like “LG”, “Cheese” etc; and it also presents a good facility for making group portraits easy! The only downside can be understood to be the focusing speed for a single shot. This representation could have been better because of the result that certain disturbing movements can drive out the image to result in a blurred fashion.
LG Optimus G (E975)  Camera

Features and Specifications:

With respect to the specifications, the LG Optimus G possesses the same specs as that of the LG Nexus 4. However, a notable difference which was inferred was in reference to the Megapixel count of the camera and the respective built-in storage on the particular devices. Moreover, the lack of expandable storage can be considered as a disadvantage; but the individual has 32GB of storage residing on the device. Thus, this is a gigantic facility which is directly available to the user at the tip of their hands!

Furthermore, the LG Optimus G is augmented accompanying certain custom elements to the JellyBean which results in enhancing the interface. Additionally, the smartphone is improved with a skin called as the LG Optimus UI version 3. The user doesn’t have direct access to various app shortcuts from the lock screen. Nonetheless, the individuals are treated to a fantastic UI as soon as he/she unlocks the screen and the user is presented with five customizable home screens on the Optimus G.

On the other hand it is simply unacceptable to have restrictions imposed onto this device. This is by the virtue of ascertaining specific restrictions enforced by LG with respect to the rise in temperature of the handset and the low power in-built battery. The individual can try out features like QSlide, QuickMemo and Screen Zooming that are resident on the device. The QSlide provisions out an alternative medium to the split-screen mode that is currently existent on the Note II. During the time that you open such availability, a floating window can be dragged around and resized as and when the user feels like. Another notable trait is by dishing out a process by which the user can set the specific transparency of the app. Furthermore there is absolutely no lag whatsoever whenever you perform multitasking operations on your device.

LG Optimus G (E975)

The QuickMemo aids in writing anywhere on the screen. This is simply done by the selection of the specific mode from the existent notification bar. A different alternative to this method can exist by the fact that the user can also perform this activity by holding the volume up/down button for approximately two seconds or so. When you perform this operation, you will view a top which helps you select brushes, colours, etc. Otherwise the device encompasses certain other gestures like the ability to pinch-zoom into a video or adjusting the specific size of the thumbnails in the gallery.

The other characteristics that present their availability on the device are the App Manager, Backup, Dictionary, FileShare, Memo, Notebook and Quick Translator. Accompanying these various features, another functionality called SmartShare DLNA app provides the necessitated benefit of utilizing and streaming the specific content over to a compatible TV or other devices. Coupled with these efficient features, the individuals also have a video editor and video wizard residing on the handset.

Reasons to support:

  • Exemplary performance levels
  • Awesome display and classy look
  • Beneficial preloaded functions
  • Fantastic audio output

Reasons to oppose:

  • Fingerprint magnet due to the glossy finish
  • Average battery life
  • No expandable storage


To sum it up, LG Optimus G is an exceptional handset which possesses a lovely design offering excellent performance. However the battery life & the device’s heating issues prove as a detrimental aspect in the realms of possibilities. In my opinion, the display of the Smartphone is one of the most wonderful exhibitions on the handset.

Another downside with respect to the device is camera which offers a weak perspective during focussing a single shot. Even some slight movements end up resulting in a blurry image. Another negative is the fragile chassis which sums up the negatives for this handset.
LG Optimus G (E975)

Thus the LG Optimus G is a laudable effort from LG in reference to establishing their authority in the Smartphone market. The Optimus G is a great consideration for the individuals whose budget resides in the range of Rs. 30,990!

I will give it a kickass 4/5 rating!