Official: Unveilment of The Nokia Asha 501 with the new software platform

With the advent of technology, various revelations present their arrival in the realms of possibilities. Along these lines, currently we have been treated to a disclosure based on the first product of the new generation Ashas possessing a brand new platform. Furthermore, the design of the device seems to be inspired by the Nokia Lumia series and at the moment red has been selected as the signature color.Asha501


Additionally, it is regarded that the new Asha platform functions on the SmarterPhone acquisition which was undertaken by Nokia previously. Likewise, this interface focusses on various swipe events and another beneficial feature called Fastlane. Thus, it is a propitious arrival in the existent categories of devices. Moreover, it is understood that this device is brought into existence by utilizing just two parts. Such a development is manifested to make the disclosure more durable and cheaper to manufacture. Also, the device encompasses a removable back which facilitates easy access to the microSIM. Accompanying these tidings, the Nokia Asha 501 is also dished out with the pre-installed 4GB microSD card (up to 32GB supported) and the battery.Asha501

Besides these usual constituents, the handset bestows a 3″ QVGA capacitive touchscreen on the front (133ppi) and plus also supports finger multitouch. A 3.2MP fixed-focus camera is located on the back side. According to the reports, this Asha platform is regarded as a grandchild of the MeeGo OS. This is due to the fact that the phone wakes up with a simple double tap. Additionally, the individual is benefitted by the availability of two home screens. One of them is the Fastlane, and the other one is the app drawer.Asha501

The Fastlane provides the advantageous benefits of dishing out the present and your past. The present is displayed by the virtue of currently running apps by multitasking as well as showing up the messages and other notifications that were received previously. The device focusses on 2G connectivity and apps like Xpress browser and Xpress Now prove to be a propitious arrival in such instances of the slow mobile Internet. Along these lines, another helpful development is that the partnership with Facebook and Airtel is set to ensure that the people can access such functionalities and other social networking sites for free. This is based on the fact that individuals can access such a medium without having a data plan. However, please note that this particularized aspect is available for a specific time period only.Asha501

The device will feature Wi-Fi connectivity along with Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0. According to lowdowns, it is presumed that the 3G-enabled Asha 5xx phones will be launched later. Further this new Nokia Asha OS will be viewed as an inclination towards the social platform.  Also, the phone will be dished out in a dual-SIM version. The Nokia Asha 501 measures 99.2 x 58 x 12.1mm and is 98g in weight.

The peculiar aspect of this device is that the handset offers a battery which is capable for up to 17 hours of talk time and 48 days of standby. This is approximately 26 days for the dual-SIM. The phone will start shipping in June in 90 countries on 60 operators. The Nokia Asha 501 will cost $99 before the taxes and other subs associated for the single-SIM version. The Nokia Asha 501 will start shipping in June in 90 countries on 60 operators. It will cost $99 before taxes and subsidies present their arrival in reference to the single-SIM version.