5 Reasons that makes the Nokia Asha Series a better choice than the Samsung Rex Series phones

Lately, a lot of people have been taking my suggestions to buy a budget phone that would help them connect to the internet as well as facilitate some entertainment on-the-go. Majority of those users were confused between the Samsung Rex Series phones with the Samsung’s propriety Java OS and the Nokia Asha phone with the S40 Asha operating system.

Today, I will compare both these Series of phones against each other on the basis of the features that are expected by most of the customers buying the handsets in the Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000 price range.

Nokia Asha va Samsung Rex series phones

Speedy Phone and Speedy Internet

Most Asha phones come with a 1GHz processor and support 3G, while none of the Rex series phones have 3G support nor a very powerful processor. This surely gives the Nokia Asha phones the much required push considering its powerful specifications and features!


Since phones have started being used for entertainment apart from being a communication device, Gaming on budget phones have taking off in a great way. The Samsung Rex series phones have limited game options when compared to the Nokia Asha series.

The Rex Series phone users have 10 Gameloft games inbuilt, while the Nokia Asha users have access to 40 premium games from the Electronic Arts worth Rs. 2,700 for free. This, gives the Asha series an advantage in the Gaming segment!


The Nokia phones come with the Nokia Music subscription which allows the user to download unlimited songs from the database of over 77 lakh DRM free songs. This, gives the users the freedom to download any song they wish without doing any illegal activity or promoting piracy.

Even though Samsung gives myStation service along with myMovies and myMobileTV on the Rex series, the repositories aren’t as large as the one of Nokia.

The Speaker output on the Nokia Asha devices is extremely loud and clear even at high volumes when compared to the Samsung Rex Series phones.

Social Communications

Everyone wants to use WhatsApp and Facebook these days; And the phone that could make these Apps available at hand is always preferred. Even though these apps are available on the Rex series phones, some of the features of these Apps are missing from them. The Push notifications for Facebook and Twitter apps aren’t available in the Rex series phones, but work smoothly on the Nokia Asha series.

Also, Whatsapp comes pre-installed on the Asha series phones enabling the users to start using it right away!

The Asha series phones also come with multiple Email account support for Emailing on the go, which is missing from the Rex series.

Battery Life

Having known for providing amazing battery life for the longest of times, the Nokia devices still stand tall in this segment! Comparing the batteries on the two best devices in the respective series, we can clearly conclude the Asha 311 as the winner with a powerful 1100 mAh battery compared to the 1000 mAh battery on the Rex 90.

If you need information on any more aspects comparing these two series of phones, do let us know. We will be happy to solve your doubts and help you in buying the best phone as per your needs!