Sony Xperia S39h leaked in photos[Rumors]

According to reports, it is regarded that Sony is launching a member into the Xperia family. The name of the device hasn’t been revealed yet, however the tidings signify that the phone is internally known as S39h.

Nevertheless the lowdowns don’t highlight any leaked internal specifications or depict any size details. But constituting the various tidings, the Smartphone appears to possess an elongated form. Additionally, the phone appears to be bestowing a larger display along with a bigger screen. It is understood that this screen is estimated to be bigger than the 4.3-incher screen i.e. currently residing on the Xperia L.

As displayable from the depiction, the display is seen in sight surrounded by a thick bezel which is usually seen in the older versions of the various Samsung generation phones. Furthermore, Sony’s logo is represented on the right i.e., next to the front-facing camera. As seen from the descriptions, it is seen that the particularized white body is made from a right next to the front-facing camera. The characterized white body is attributed to be made from a non-polished material. Also it possesses a stylish finish on the back cover. Moreover, a large speaker can be identified on the rear of the device. In such a manner, we can spot the Sony’s logo here. Coming into sight on the sides is the representation of the signature power button, dedicated camera button, volume keys and a micro-USB port.

With reports coming in from various corners, it is presumed that the Xperia S39h is heading to China reportedly. As reported by Xperia Blog, it is construed that Sony is working on devising a new internal naming scheme for every released handset this year. This is in the form of the CXXXX model number structure. However the ones to be launched in China will contie to bestow the old S/M/L pattern for small, medium or large phones.